Thursday, March 31, 2011

Look Who Turned Three

Little Miss Clara turned three last week and guess what her favorite present was? Yup, her new princess helmet. Check out her super cute flip flops (Gymboree but I'm totally gonna copy them)
She's mastered the scooter. Look out world. Here she comes.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Las Vegas Fun

I'm here to share some fun pictures of my trip to Las Vegas to see Nick and the girls and spend time with my sister. . . Aunt Gibson Girl. Why is that her nickname? Onnacuz of her hair.
She was attending the International Textile Conference and I tagged alone. Vendors and booth after both of fabric , trims and. . . . . . .
ACCESSORIES. I may have placed an order for a few flowers. You know, hair bows, head bands, flip flop decor, t-shirt embellishments. Oh My !!

I also got to see these little girls. They are just too cute and I love them so much.

Hold on!!!! Can you say DONNIE AND MARIE? That's right people, we saw the Donnie and Marie show and it was fabulous. I thought it might be a little cheesy but it was actually really great. The band was fantastic, great dancers and Donnie and Marie can actually sing. Loved it.
Thanks Nick for making it happen. Patty, me, Nick's friend Bonnie and Nick. Great times.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Textile show Las Vegas

Me and Aunt Gibson Girl at the International Textile Show in Vegas. And yes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas--we're talking way too much fun/shopping. More to come later.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ode to UV and "Casey at the Bat"

Landee mentioned UV in her AI comments today and prompted this post. For those of you who sadly, never got to see UV perform "Casey at the Bat"--you might enjoy these pictures. Some history: Cris toured Europe with the BYU International Folk Dancers in 1967 (while I was touring Four Corners Utah). He was THE Hot Guy on the tour and all the girls loved him. Can you blames them?
Anyway, they needed some 'filler' acts from time to time during costume changes, at Youth Firesides and the like. Cris had memorized "Casey at the Bat" for a high school class and he and his fellow dancers decided to crank it up a notch and have him perform it as a Little Man. It takes two people and some staging. This particular performance is at the 2002 Jeppson Reunion in McCall. Kevin and cousin JD are helping hold the props and those are my arms. (You had to be there--but it was hilarious)

He will be fondly remembered by nieces, nephews and the older grandchildren as the supreme CASEY AT THE BAT. Thanks for the shout out Landee.