Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Holiday's are coming. . . .fast.

Some people like to flaunt their driving skills. . . .aka. . Uncle Visor. We've been really cranking out the Christmas shopping (our goal is always to have it completed by Thanksgiving, which never happens) and must travel between Target, Walmart, Kohls, Best Buy, etc. All contiguous stores. I drive the car between places---Papa likes to drive his own 'car'. I drive beside him to intervene in case other cars don't see him and run him over. He basically ignores me and puts it on fast mode. It's basically his own style of fun.

While Memzy was frolicking with the SF7. Char and I had a play date. Gotta love that little boy.
And yes---a large group of us went to New Moon on Monday night and I did what I thought would never happen. I switched to team Jacob. I mean, really. He's the only good actor in the show. Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie but Bella and Edward need acting classes. Can't wait for Eclipse. And thanks to the SF7 for the yummy french bread from Boudine's. It was AWESOME.

Now. . . .get out there and get Christmas shopping people. . .times a wastin'.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oregon Weekend---TaDa

We decided to drive to Medford to visit Kevin and family last weekend. The colors were unbelievable. Seriously.
This is their neighborhood. Beautiful.
The fun we had. . . . .this is just an example.
Luke and Seth. Handsome dudes.

"Everywhere that Papa went, Papa went, Papa went. Everywhere that Papa went, Ricky was sure to go". He kept singing interesting versions of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" with his own lyrics which included stuff about Papa's chair, etc. Hilarious.

Rachel and Ricky are good buddies. Can you tell Ricky just woke up?
We were able to watch Christine's dance class on Saturday but my pictures didn't turn out well through the glass observation window. So no pictures of Christine dancing. She's beautiful.
A beautiful family. We loved our visit so much. They always lift our spirits, make us laugh, entertain and love us. What's not to love about that?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is your minivan THIS awesome?

Charlie has been wanting to have a sleepover in the van for months. I put him off during the summer because it was too hot but the time had come. No more postponing. Jack and Charlie came over Friday night for some fun. We made up our fort in the van (remember--no middle seat section) complete with pillows, blankets, DVD player, soda and mummy dogs. It was awesome.

Mummy dogs--delish.

Eyeballs in your soda--even better.

Worms are a must.

This is little Miss Clara in a recycled mini mouse costume. She would not wear the ears.

Owen was a knight, Liesl a hula girl, Clara--mini mouse

Hello----Canadian Mounted Police (aka Nick)
Three beautiful girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A fun Halloween was had by all.

Can you stand the pig tails? Neither can I.