Friday, August 27, 2010

Jeppson Reunion, part two.

Let me say right off the bat--I've been suffering from withdrawals all week. I loved the fantasy world I was living in for a week what with the soft breezes, the smell of pine, the laughter of loved ones. Coming home to 111 degree heat--snaps you right out of that fantasy world.

The last night before I headed back to Bakersfield was so much fun. I went to dinner with Landee, Mr. Landee, her brothers and spouses and mom and dad. By the time the evening was over--my stomach muscles hurt from laughing. (Now you know Landee's wit is genetic)

Ricky feeding the chipmunks, squirrels and birds with his bag of rice crispies.

This video is entitled "The Beast" Luke and Riley were both successful in climbing the 80 ft pole and then walking across a swinging beam to the other side. The staff said only 30% of those that try are successful. Congrats to Luke and Riley. The second video is Riley on top of the "Leap of Faith". You climb up this 75' pole and then have to stand on top of the pole (no platform, just the pole itself) and then leap to a trapeze bar. Much harder that it looks. First time he just missed the bar, second time he nailed it. Super fun----to watch.

What are these chillins holding? Bottle rockets. Note: No eyes were poked out or car windows smashed during this activity. What goes up, must come down. . . . . . .
This is Nick on the "Lake Trampoline".

Crackers enjoying the talent show.

There were quilts galore at the auction. Talented people, talented.
Clara and Ricky investigating the frog pond.
Kudos to all those brave souls that came from far away places. Heidi and her family (7 Kids) DROVE from upstate New York. Now THAT'S hard core. Becca and Jason drove the 17 hours from Bakersfield. Kevin and his family drove from Oregon, and on and on. I'm humming that song, "Take a car, a boat or an air-o-plane--just get there if you can". Very touching. Love to all.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jeppson Reunion, part one.

I think this might be a little glimpse of what heaven will be like. Beautiful mountains, trees, lake, people you love. . . . 160 people for 3 days of fun in the sun and lots of activities.
Rock climbing wall. Charchar gave it a try.

Pony rides. Can you believe Clara got on that horse?

Birthday party for Gramma Decker-88 years young. Tiffers Dad was the fire marshall.

Some singing to honor Gramma Decker.

Rope climbing--75 ft. high. The MOST difficult activity on the challenge course. Christine and Riley made it to the top.

Kevin and Ricky enjoying the "meat free" menu at this 7th Day Adventist camp.

Charlie with his "Chay Wagon" pinewood derby car.

There were lovelies on the lake.

And Liesl won the bid for her favorite auction item.

The tweens had sooooooo much fun together.

Note: Group shot of all 160 plus the Parks Family photos yet to come. Other cameras were in charge of those shots.
This reunion was super fun and came at an important time for me. Being with all my siblings, nieces and nephews and my mom was comforting and reminded me yet again about the eternal perspective. Laughing, loving, playing, watching---all wonderful. FYI--these people are some of the best in the world. My mom is responsible for it all Her conversion to the gospel at age 18, raising 7 children mostly by herself, her work ethic and integrity--produced all these great people. Thank you. . . . .thank you. Love you mom.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looking forward. . . .

I'm starting this post with a teaser for Landee (and Beebs) and Kimmerz and other relatives who might be joining us at the Jeppson family reunion next week. Just a sampling of auction items.

Can't you just see a cute little princess in one of these?

The flowers on the headbands clip off---versatile.

It's a real auction people. I'm sure Landee will take phone bids . . .

This is an incredible picture of Christine atop Mt. McLoughlin. Isn't she something?!!!!

Here's our little Grahammy Bear. Can you stand him?

He barely fit in his blessing outfit. Owen's baptism. What a handsome boy.

Thanks to Memzy for this beautiful gift. Sunday was our anniversary-41 years!
I love you Cris. Hugs baby.Good time. . . good times.

Monday, August 2, 2010

When one door closes. . . it often opens another for someone else.

OK people--say goodbye to the conversion van. Wave--go ahead--wave....Not sad to see it go. VERY happy that it's going to a new and important home. Another family needs it, will love it, is happy to get it--wheelchair included! It felt good to take yet another step on the path of "adjustments". I'm sure Cris is clapping and smiling to see someone else benefit from this equipment. MmmmmBye-bye.
Well HELLO there beautiful. Not a great picture of my new Ford Escape--but isn't she so pretty?
And what's this? Rear view camera? When put in to reverse, the rear view mirror becomes a screen? How awesome is THAT!!!! And here's another fun tidbit--it has "sync". My iPhone is synced to the car for total hands free chatting. Sigh. . . . . .as Charlie says, "It's a beautiful day".