Friday, August 27, 2010

Jeppson Reunion, part two.

Let me say right off the bat--I've been suffering from withdrawals all week. I loved the fantasy world I was living in for a week what with the soft breezes, the smell of pine, the laughter of loved ones. Coming home to 111 degree heat--snaps you right out of that fantasy world.

The last night before I headed back to Bakersfield was so much fun. I went to dinner with Landee, Mr. Landee, her brothers and spouses and mom and dad. By the time the evening was over--my stomach muscles hurt from laughing. (Now you know Landee's wit is genetic)

Ricky feeding the chipmunks, squirrels and birds with his bag of rice crispies.

This video is entitled "The Beast" Luke and Riley were both successful in climbing the 80 ft pole and then walking across a swinging beam to the other side. The staff said only 30% of those that try are successful. Congrats to Luke and Riley. The second video is Riley on top of the "Leap of Faith". You climb up this 75' pole and then have to stand on top of the pole (no platform, just the pole itself) and then leap to a trapeze bar. Much harder that it looks. First time he just missed the bar, second time he nailed it. Super fun----to watch.

What are these chillins holding? Bottle rockets. Note: No eyes were poked out or car windows smashed during this activity. What goes up, must come down. . . . . . .
This is Nick on the "Lake Trampoline".

Crackers enjoying the talent show.

There were quilts galore at the auction. Talented people, talented.
Clara and Ricky investigating the frog pond.
Kudos to all those brave souls that came from far away places. Heidi and her family (7 Kids) DROVE from upstate New York. Now THAT'S hard core. Becca and Jason drove the 17 hours from Bakersfield. Kevin and his family drove from Oregon, and on and on. I'm humming that song, "Take a car, a boat or an air-o-plane--just get there if you can". Very touching. Love to all.


Jenny ESP said...

I can tell the kids were in heaven. That place is like a dream come true. I'm been there tons of times and I had no idea! Probably because all we do at our family get-togethers is sit around and eat.

Jenny ESP said...

And thank goodness we have your blogging perspective, else we'd never get to see any video. You're the only video poster! Ever!

Landee said...

Love that pic of Nick on the lake trampoline!

Ah, someday, in the eternities, the Jeppson family will have our own little Camp Ida-Haven and it will be like this forever. I might try the zip line then... might.

PS Loved my din-din with you on Saturday night (and not just cuz there was enormous amounts of meat there). Love you.

kristi said...

You have a wonderful family and you guys do some of the most fun things ever at your reunions. Glad you had a great time!

Memzy said...

I can't believe I didn't comment on here yet!!! Brains wants to make sure that everyone knows he actually made it across the leap of faith. ::rolling eyes::