Saturday, November 29, 2008

These Two are nominated for the "Best BYU Fans Ever".

Seth and Luke (Kevin's boys) did "THE HAKA" for us. They chose to perform this for their school talent show as any true BYU Fan would. Impressive!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday--Best pictures yet!

Today Cris and I were invited to attend the Special Ed Thanksgiving luncheon at the District Office. These are very special friends and co-workers and they so kindly invite Cris to come back from time to time to "party." (Spec Ed people know how to party). The food was incredible, the company great and fun was had by all.

This is Sharon, Gina and Susan.

They had a surprise for Cris complete with personalized singing message.

The Psychologists presented him with a beautiful quilt made by Sharon. He was blown away!!

It's gorgeous and he loved it. This will be put to good use and remind him every day of dear friends. Thanks so much for all your love and support.
Then it was "show and tell time" and he did a little walking for them. (Applause followed) How can he help but get better and better with so many people cheering him on.

Thanks everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

After five weeks--Cris is walking again!! Yah--hoo!

An update on Cris:
After 5 weeks, the pelvis has healed enough to put weight on the left leg and start walking again. I took this video today and it's awesome!! He is very encouraged and it sure feels good to be a little bit more mobile. He's been going for outings in the car a bit more--even got a hair cut today. Please notice at the end of the video he "waves"--THAT'S THE BROKEN LEFT ARM--pretty good huh? Life is good people!!

On another funny note: Yesterday I had Charlie for a play date and while riding in the car he, of course, talks non-stop. I will select my favorite quote. "Gramma, I yuv your car", "Thanks Charlie, how come?" "Cuz it's so cyean (clean)--our car is smelly dirty. The brudders make a mess". I post this comment not to criticize Memzy and her car--oh no. I submit this picture of our VW Van, circa 1979 with vinyl floors that can literally be hosed out. Ahh, the good 'ol days. That's Kevin and Emily with their lemonade stand.

Here's Papa and Charlie spending some time together. Papa does love all his grand kids.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Late Entry for FFF. It's Memzy and mini-male-Memzy

I couldn't resist entering these two photos for FFF. My mind is like a steel trap and I remembered this picture I had of Emily that reMINDED me of someone.

It's CharChar--in the flesh, so to speak. The nose, the eyes, the ears, the mouth--it's a little male mini Em. Having said that--their personalities are far from similar. She was a quiet little thing--Charlie?--not so much.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cris' Club House

It's time for an update of sorts. . . . but first let me introduce you to "Cris' Club House". A.K.A. his comfy zone. . .his chill place . . . .his healing space. . . .I could go on and on. Good friends loaned us a hospital bed for his recovery time and it's helped so much. It has a remote that he can hold in one hand (he couldn't reach to push the buttons on the railing in the hospital) and he holds the TV remote in his other hand. What's not to like? Notice the relaxed posture. Yup, it's working.

There's a chair for visitors, balloons to add cheeriness, drinks, snack, cordless phone--it's all good.

The weekend went very well starting with his first major outing to Em's house to watch the BYU game with Sherod. As you can see from "The Shederton's" post, he had a great time. Sunday Cris felt stable enough for me to leave him alone while I went to see Owen and Liesl in their Children's Sac. Mtg. Program. I fed him lunch and then went to our stake conference. He did really well with all his remotes, phones, etc. in his club house. Each day gets a little easier with the transfers and he's eating and drinking much better.

Today was our first trip to the physical therapist for the pelvis. Results: Since there are still orders for no weight bearing on the left leg, we have homework assignments and won't go back for another 3 weeks to start learning to walk again. This is actually OK with me as I hear PT's get paid well (that'd be me) so I'm thinkin' a really good Christmas gift is coming my way. The elbow PT starts tomorrow, we'll see what they say about that.

Our ward family insists on bringing dinners this week and at first I felt it was unnecessary as there's just the two of us and food is NBD. It has, however, really helped, both in terms of great meals and moral support. We're in that in between phase: post trauma, pre-back-to-normal---much better but still emotionally fatigued. Again, we thank all of you for your love and support. Over and out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

FFF-looks just like Memzy's FFF--right?

Who does this look like? Refer to Memzy's FFF posted today. Yup, Crackers looks like his dad. This picture was taken Oct. 2004. Jack was almost 4 years old. He has the same kind heart as his dad but not quite as mischievous. Just my opinion :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We got our "Get out of Jail" pass today!!!!

Today was our best day since 10/18---Cris was released from Mercy SNF and sent home. We are so happy, grateful, giddy, joyful, etc. etc. I worked with the Physical Therapist for the last 2 days proving I could transfer him from bed to wheelchair and back to bed. I passed!! And we got sprung.

The nurse took out his staples before we left. Really cool to watch and didn't hurt a bit.
See how good it looks? As Charlie said--it's a cool Crankenstien scar.

The ride home went well and he commented on how "the colors are so vibrant and beautiful". Hospital rooms are drab--do gettin' around it. Emily met us at home to be my safety net while getting him out of the car and settled. It all went very well.

Score!!! Home at last. He's lost a little weight, no appetite, but that can be fixed soon enough.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat at the SNF (heretofor know as Skilled Nursing Facility)

This is Jack dressed as the kid in the Tree house books. He's obsessed and on book 36. Love him.
Riley as a cool 60's hippie. Love him.
Carlitos as the obligatory alien. Not a stretch for him. Love him.

Papa loved having the kids come visit on Hayyoween. His costume? The perfect patient costume. I was going to wear a cute nurse outfit-----maybe not.

Becca and kids were so cute. Owen was Anikin (sp?)--Liesl was Ariel--Clara was piglet, Gramma was Gramma, Becca was Mommy. Love them.

Little Miss Clara was her darling self. Love her.

Fun times. Cris is doing well and progresses a lit bit each day. We estimate another week or so.