Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do people in their 60's go to concerts? Oh yes they do!!!

We received a wonderful gift for Christmas from the Waite Boys (Riley, Jack and Charlie). Tickets to the Chris Botti concert--one of Cris' favorite jazz musicians. It was totally awesome people. Like a rock concert. People were giving standing ovations on the regular, one woman kept yelling, "You're so sexy Botti" which made him embarrassed but I think he loved it. It really was fun so we're sending a big thank you to the boys.

Update on the BYU license plate that Memzy scored. It is displayed very nicely in her kitchen. It looks so happy up there doesn't it?

I know I post more about Clara than the other munchkins but it's because she's the only one not in school and can visit more often. She took hold of my hand and said, "Come on Gramma". "Where are we going"? "To the 'puter". We sit down and she said, "Now get Thomas for me". I rest my case--she's a genius.

A short video demonstrating her verbal skills. High-larious. (only 1 1/2 min.)

She then wanted to see herself on the video, over and over again, actually talking to the camera and answering my questions. So funny.

This video is equally fun but a little longer 3 1/3 min. Enjoy

P.S. Other grandchildren could send pictures of videos to Gramma for posting :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just some of our blessings.

Aren't iPhone terrific? Nick visited Kevin and family in Medford, Oregon this weekend and sent some fun pictures. IPhone pictures aren't as good as camera pictures but I love them just the same. Let it be said I didn't actually ask permission to post these images but am hoping they don't mind. A little target practice. . . . .
This one was labeled "Mormon Militia".

It appears that some people like to relax in the isle at church. "Just step over him people" He won't mind.

Little Miss Rachel at the park.
Kevin in his office looking very professional and official.

Liesl and Owen playing Webkins. They will talk to you while they play but will not look up.
Legos---lots of legos.

Now THIS is a picture. Miss Clara in her happy place at Gramma and Papa's. Thumb, sippy, blanket, Dora the Explorer on TV. Life is good.

Happy Valentines Day to all our loved ones.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guess who got to see her Mommy?

Last week I was able to arrange for Cris' care and take a short trip to Rexburg to see my Mom. It was soooooo good to see her and know she is doing well, as cute as ever and happy as a clam. She and her little puppy (Ginger) are constant companions. Suffice it so say Ginger is spoiled rotten.
Me and my mom.

Do we look like sisters? (Patty)

People--this is their front yard. Seriously.

Krystina's truck is proof of snow, snow, snow.

And this is my favorite niece, Krystina. (Get over it people--she's the fave this week). Sorry it's not a good picture of Jaden (her nephew) but it's darling of Krystina at Angelica's wedding. Gelly, you could be the favorite next week--we'll see. Landee the week after. And Tara.. . . Annie, Heidi. You get the picture.

Cris did really well thanks to the caregivers and our super daughters and sons-in-law. Thanks so much for all your help. It was a great trip.