Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guess who got to see her Mommy?

Last week I was able to arrange for Cris' care and take a short trip to Rexburg to see my Mom. It was soooooo good to see her and know she is doing well, as cute as ever and happy as a clam. She and her little puppy (Ginger) are constant companions. Suffice it so say Ginger is spoiled rotten.
Me and my mom.

Do we look like sisters? (Patty)

People--this is their front yard. Seriously.

Krystina's truck is proof of snow, snow, snow.

And this is my favorite niece, Krystina. (Get over it people--she's the fave this week). Sorry it's not a good picture of Jaden (her nephew) but it's darling of Krystina at Angelica's wedding. Gelly, you could be the favorite next week--we'll see. Landee the week after. And Tara.. . . Annie, Heidi. You get the picture.

Cris did really well thanks to the caregivers and our super daughters and sons-in-law. Thanks so much for all your help. It was a great trip.


gelly said...

Constancy, dependability, loyalty...you get the picture. This "Flavor of the Week" isn't going to fly with the other cousins. I mean, I know I'm irreplaceable as the real favorite, but it makes me sad to see the others competing.

gelly said...

But glad you had so much fun! Gramma is pretty cute. Loved the picture of the truck covered in snow. The Captain (Kirk) and I will have to skype with you and Cris sometime...

Urmston Mom said...

Now I know why your hair is always "stylin'"! She is one lucky lady to be loved by the amazing Carol Parks.

Memzy said...

Sooper yay you had fun!! I can't WAIT to see Landee's response to this post btw.

Jenny ESP said...

Landee's gonna have a conniption. I want to see my mommy! The only thing keeping me away is the long harrowing drive.

Landee said...

I didn't comment because I can't dignify this a response. It's rubbish.

Logic: Memzy + FAN4BYU license plate= fave daughter.

Landee + Memzy + BYU = BFrousinsFL

AV + Landee = obvious fave niece forever, not weekly.

It's simple math really. And math never lies.

(Grandma's dog is "cute" and "scary")