Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Fun Family Wedding

Last weekend I went to another super fun family wedding. THIS is the beautiful couple. Joe and Kara Jeppson--(son of Pete and Marj)
Coming out of the Salt Lake Temple.

I took lots of fun pictures but will only share of few here. Pete and Marj with Marianne and Peter, and three cute grand kids.

Gramma Decker with #112 great-grandchild-Sophie. (I'm guessing at that number but I think it's correct)

Pete's family. Beautiful picture.

Mom and her three girls.

Bil and Leah Jane, Patty and I. Just chillin on the temple grounds.

And the grounds are beautiful!!!

The magnificent seven minus Jack. Just look at Jim twice and you're good to go.

It was really fun to be with my family. We visited, we laughed, we ate. You know.........

Thursday, September 8, 2011