Monday, July 26, 2010

It's not really goodbye. . . . .

How do I post an appropriate blog about my sweetheart? Impossible. Let's just say. . .he was/is the most incredible husband, father and Papa anyone can imagine. He said goodbye on July 11th. He fought ALS with faith, dignity, grace, patience and kindness. I will try to follow his example as I go forward, one step at a time.

"Rise and Shout, the Cougar is out". . . . . .

He was loving this part. Be patient, it's a 4 min. video and gets going at 1.20. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parks Family Gathering Part Two (don't forget to see part one)

It all started with these beauties arriving for "Eclipse" (Jespy's taking the picture). Soooo fun to see Tiffers and Kimmerz. Love them. We HAD to have our visors on when they arrived--required.
Hanging out at the Hotel pool. A bevvy of beauties.

These two cousins spent a lot of time on my bed watching Dora. After everyone left and I got in to bed---I found popcorn under the sheets. Sigh. . . .so much fun.

THIS is summer fun.
Memzy hosted dinner one night with Mexican delicacies. John, Cody and Tracey.
Can you believe this? The BEST idea ever. Rent a bouncy house water slide for a day and watch the fun. I honestly can't remember EVER watching so much fun. Cris was able to watch from the living room window and kept saying, "Best idea ever"!!!

We spent one afternoon out at Sherod's parents home enjoying their pool. We extend our thanks for your hospitality.
Mr America circa 1968.
Charlie and Seth taking a break from the water.

Lining up for the pinata.

And then we must mention the Grahammy Bear and his groupies. EVERYONE wants to hold him.

This blog is not the place to mention all the priceless things that happened last week but I will say this: Cris and I felt the loving arms of our children and grandchildren wrapped around us. Lifting us up, giving us courage and comfort. It was the perfect time. Perfect. We will always remember this gathering as one of the best we ever had.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Parks Family Gathering Part One

This is part one of our Family Gathering last week. It was something special for many reasons. My computer is not behaving well tonight so I will just give you a taste of the fun we had.

Christine taking care of her Papa. They have this Love/Love thing going between them. She loves him--he thinks she is the sun and moon.

We made pancakes and eggs with these little beauties. . . . .

We decorated flip flops. . . . .

And head bands. . . .

Aaaaaannnnddd. . .then we had the famous Trivial Pursuit game. Three teams--the brothers, the in laws, the uncle/cousin. Those hanging their heads lost--those smiling with thumbs up won--except for Nick--the brother team did not win yet again.

And then there was the geek version of the running man. . . .

Much more to come. . . . . . .