Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I blog because I must.

A new week--another need for a replacement appliance. Our dishwasher had to be replaced this week (10 years old) so off I went to Lowes to make it happen. Today the installers came. If I hadn't taken a picture, no one would have believed me. "2BK Services" (To Be Kind)--I didn't make this up. Beverly and Betty show up. . . .two hefty women wearing matching outfits complete with colorful headscarves. I rounded the corner to find them both on the floor working. It was too good to pass up. . .I HAD to post. Those ladies ripped that old dishwasher out like it was a nothin' and drug it out to their truck. Installed the new one in under 1/2 hour all the while calling me "ma'am and sweetheart". I did my best to keep a straight face. LOVED THEM. They work for Lowes, people. They're real.

And here we are----the new dishwasher. Isn't she pretty?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Baby is 30 years old today.

Our youngest daughter turned 30 today. Hard to believe isn't it. She would not want me to be gushy or over dramatic on the blog---but---HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA. And our baby is expecting her 4th baby the first part of May. Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter. We love you very much and appreciate all your love and support. (And your kids are really cute) Owen counted out 30 candles and it was quite a festive sight when they were all lit up.

Nick sent these pictures via iPhone today of Bella and Tasha at a trunk-r-treat party. Darling girls.
Tasha and her friends. I think she's one of the good vampires from New Moon.

I've discovered this great website for really cute inexpensive hair accessories parts. http://www.hairbowcenter.com/ Clara is unimpressed at first.
At second glance--She likes it!!!

Our washing machine met with a swift and violent death this week. Water oozing from underneath which necessitated a trip to Lowes. Here's the delivery truck. Excitement.

Joe and Shmoe got everything all set up.

Aren't they pretty?

We went to Riley's flag football game last Saturday. Papa LOVES to watch his grand kids play any sport.

In other news--we had a hospital bed delivered to the house this week for Cris along with a hoyer lift. (No pictures--didn't want to) The hospital bed is great and will really help me get him in and out of bed. It's electric yadda yadda. What's a hoyer lift you say? It's like a car jar or engine jack for people. It will be very helpful in the near future but until then--I hate it--it's in the closet. Life is good!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Charlie's number book

How many of you have 5 years olds this smart? Let me set the scene for you. Memzy's boys came to our ward today with "Gina" their new bestest nanny. She's off track at BYUI and was available to stay with the boys while Memz and Shed are in Hawaii. The boys LOVE her and think she's super cool. This is Gina's home ward, Gramma and Papa are here, plus Amy's boys. No brainer.

In an effort to entertain Char during church I just happen to have supplies in my purse. Here are the results.

Charlie's number book. TADA!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday's are for soccer and grandkids. This is for you Memzy

Fall has come to Bakersfield--it was 56 degrees at 8:00 A.M. today. BEAUTIFUL, but one little boy did not want to wear a long sleeved shirt under his soccer shirt. "I'll just keep my arms inside Gramma--that will keep me warm". Mom and Dad are out of town and I was on soccer assignment. LOVED it.
Warm ups with the spider man ball.

Good sportsmanship is important---but sometimes the stink eye is necessary. (look close)

Jack either has a cold or really bad morning allergies. His face tells the story.

Solution--Kleenex stuffed nostrils. Whatever works.

Let the games begin. P.S. That's Jack sneezing at the end of this video.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ALS Walk 2009--Parks Pals !!!

How do we begin to thank our family and friends for their great support for this years ALS Walk. When all the donations are logged in we will have more than met our goal of $3,000. Our local chapter will benefit so much from the money raised. We now have 37 known cases of ALS in Kern County and there are surely others no one knows about. These are just some of our team members.
Nick, Tasha and Bella came. Love, love, love them. So much fun.

Becca's family was home with the flu but she brought her sleep deprived self to support us. Love, love, love her.

Chatting it up with our peeps.

After lots of formalities and whoopla the walk finally started.

Carlitos decided to ride with Papa.

Memzy took more pictures and will probably share later. Love, love, love her.

Thanks to EVERYONE. It was a great day.