Sunday, October 4, 2009

ALS Walk 2009--Parks Pals !!!

How do we begin to thank our family and friends for their great support for this years ALS Walk. When all the donations are logged in we will have more than met our goal of $3,000. Our local chapter will benefit so much from the money raised. We now have 37 known cases of ALS in Kern County and there are surely others no one knows about. These are just some of our team members.
Nick, Tasha and Bella came. Love, love, love them. So much fun.

Becca's family was home with the flu but she brought her sleep deprived self to support us. Love, love, love her.

Chatting it up with our peeps.

After lots of formalities and whoopla the walk finally started.

Carlitos decided to ride with Papa.

Memzy took more pictures and will probably share later. Love, love, love her.

Thanks to EVERYONE. It was a great day.


Memzy said...

So. Much. Fun. We totally won btw.

gelly said...

That is so neat! The only thing missing is the streamers from UV's nice ride. :)
Glad it went so well and you were able to surpass your goal!

Br Boys said...

I like Gelly's idea of Streamers. Papa could look like he's riding a float. The Grandkids would love it. We hope to make it next year.