Monday, September 28, 2009

Part One: A Curb Appeal Face Lift for our house. Part Two: Clara and 3 stitches.

This post will probably only be interesting to our kids but we're here to share. We recently had some major upgrades done. Roof--all plumbing--outside painting and refurbishing of the front door. Wish I had pictures of the first 4 days but alas, we were at the beach escaping the mayhem. Crews arrived at 7:00 A.M.--we were out of there by 9:00 A.M. and it sounded like bombs were going off. On day one the old roof was torn off, plumbers were standing up in the attic waving at the neighbors. My neighbor apologized for not taking pictures of the chaos--would have made great post material.

This is the last day of roofing. It looks awesome!!

The door and trim used to be green. It was totally in style in the 80's. Observe the door magicians.

The finished door--and siding paint colors. Love them. Curb appeal not yet finished on the porch. Flowers, etc. to come.

No, the bushes aren't dying--just frying.

Our house is happy now. No more leaking roof. No more leaking pipes. No more green door. Life is good.

Part Two: Last Friday Clara was playing at Gramma's, tripped and hit her head on the brick hearth. Three stitches. I'm just now getting over it. She was fine as soon as they let her out of the papoose straight jacket. In my defense--her mommy was here too so it was not totally on my watch. Whew!!

In order to make myself feel better, we had a date today. Bought her new shoes at Target. I can't help myself.


Landee said...

LOVE THE NEW DOOR!!!! I'll have to take your word for it on the plumbing and roof as I don't remember either but that door is FAB. Perfect color for some updating.

And I promise you this...I just bought those shoes for Beebs a couple of weeks ago. We have fabulous taste.

Memzy said...

Ah yes. The red door. Everything looks GORGE. I love it! And cute, cute Clara with her cute, cute shoes. Fruit snacks were included right?

Kevin said...

Will I still feel like this is house where I grew up? Looks like a different house. I'll put up the old basketball hoop up next time I'm down there... should help me feel better about this.

gelly said...

ooh, looks great! I agree, good choice with the red door.

Poor little Clara! But even with stitches, she is still the most beautiful thing ever.

Hot Pants said...

I got stitched once and NO ONE bought me shoes!! Looks like I'm living in the wrong village.