Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy, stylish feet make for a happy person.

"Does my bottom look smaller in these?" I'm not kidding. That's what it said on the advertisement for these new FITFLOPS. I found them at a little shop in Avila, tried them on, felt like I was walking on a cloud, paid for them and wore them out of the store.


Sorry for the revealing picture below. . . . .but it was totally necessary in order for you to get the picture. Do you think my backside can look like that? If not, at least I'll have happy feet. Don't want to wear anything else. Maybe they come in a 'dressier' version for church. Yeah?


Memzy said...

Bum-flops!! That's what I'm gonna start calling them. They are way cute in person too.

Jenny ESP said...

I'm in love! Where can I get a pair of these bum-flops? Do I have to go all the way to Avila?

Landee said...

You should expect those results in 6-8 weeks. If not, send them my way. You wear a 7.5 right?

Carol said...

Memzy--bum and flops as a 'term' might indicate a floppy bum. Yes, I see your reasoning.

Jespy--google them in your area. In Bako they're at Macy's

Landee--even if I do not get the desired results in my tushy--I'm keeping them as my feet are very happy.