Monday, January 26, 2009

What is it about ladders--kids love 'em.

Our grapefruit tree is LOADED this year and who can I get to help me pick 'em?
Just say the word "ladder" in a sentence around kids and it's go time. Liesl and Owen came over to help pick Saturday and had a great time. Liesl wanted me to be her safety net.
We had to take turns and follow the safety rules. . .and yes, it was a bit muddy under that tree.

We picked two large buckets and 4 grocery sacks full and didn't even make a dent. We've had a couple of families come over and pick already. Still hundreds up there.

I might mention that some of the grapefruit are hollowed out by our neighborhood raccoon. We've seen him walk across our patio many times.

Fun times. Anyone is welcome to come over and take some home. Side gate always open.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christine--or Sweet Pea as she is sometimes called

I came across this picture of Cris and Christine taken at Becca's wedding and it melted my heart. Papa has a soft spot for Christine, for good reason. She is our first grandchild and was born with curls, spunk, super brains and talent. As a small child she gave her parents a run for their money--what with the energy and huge spirit in a very small body. She did everything early--walked, talked, drew, wrote, danced, ran--you get the picture.

She is the oldest of 5 and a second mother to her siblings. She has many talents; ballet, violin, piano, writing, singing, any sport you can name, is a lightning fast runner and is not afraid to try anything. Yes, her brothers can annoy her and her little sister can mess up her stuff--but she loves them anyway. She is now 12 years old and in Young Women. Where did the time go? Here's another picture with Papa. What do you think? Is he proud or what? Thank you Christine for being our granddaugher. We love you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Oregon troups

I received some cute pictures from the Oregon troops this week and wanted to share. They live 9 hours away and we miss them very much. Miss Christine is our oldest grandchild and there's just something special about your first grandchild. And Little Miss Rachel is hilariously funny, cute and talented.

The Rickster is addicted to books and brother Seth spends a lot of time reading to his little brother.
Aaaahhh, the benefits of good hair gel. Seth, Ricky and Luke--too cool for their own good.

We saw them at Thanksgiving and miss them very much. Hope to make a trip to Oregon in the spring.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If you missed Quanza!!

If you missed Quanza and feel bad about it--you can always do something special for MLK Day. We plan to enjoy this holiday by seeing "Hotel for Dogs". We appreciate MLK and his contribution to the civil rights movement but what can you do to celebrate? Not much going on in our community. So "Hotel for Dogs" it is.

It was appreciation day for the outgoing Bishopric in Memzy's ward--open house style. Here are just few pix. It was a very nice event and Bishop Schilhabel and Sherod were honored for their service. Sherod said he loves his new calling--"Dad".

Jason and Sherod in a tender moment.
It appears that Uncle Sherod has finally won over Liesl.

Becca and Clara with special friend Naomi Forsythe--new Bishop's wife.
Happy Holiday everyone.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two darling girls

This is Clara's new trick.

We'll call this the galloping, dancing princess Liesl. You gotta love it!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First picture post from my new iphone

This is so much fun. Look out people!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Early Birthday to Me!!!!

It's true!! My birthday present came early and I'm very excited. I immediately called Memzy and told her and within a nano-second I had my first text from Landeelu. It was awesome. On the down side---I was driving, pulled over, and had to figure our how to answer the text. Then came two more text messages from Memz and Jespy. My heart was all a flutter and Cris was laughing at me. It doesn't take much to get me giggling and he enjoyed it. I still have a lot to learn but I have a good teacher. Life is so good.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fave Foto Friday-Good Memories

This is one of my favorite fotos--taken in Switzerland at "The top of Europe" May 2007. Unbelievable view, clean air, hard to discribe.

Everytime I look at this video I get happy all over again. LOVE IT!! The trip of a lifetime.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anyone ever leave something behind?

Today's post is sadly without pictures. Why, oh why do I always forget to take pictures of stressful situations. They make for such good posting. This story is meant to make you feel better if you've every left a kid at church, left your diet DP on the roof of your car as you drive away, left the water running in a sink while you talk on the phone. . . .stuff like that.

So Tuesday was a busy day full of good things. We met with the Veteran's office to complete the application process ( it's a new benefit for veteran's with ALS--could be very helpful). We then headed down to L.A. for a temple session. Some may think this is no big deal--but it actually is. Brother Talbot (Amy's dad) works at the temple and was so kind to help Cris through the session. We stopped in Valencia at "Pollo Loco" to have lunch. We eat lunch--I wheel him back to the car in his wheelchair, get him all loaded cozy nice, throw my purse in the back seat, and off we go. We arrive at the temple, park in the handicapped space, open the hatch back--------NO WHEELCHAIR. AAAAAHHHHH! It appears I have left the wheelchair on the sidewalk at Polo Loco in Valencia--one hour back up the road.

I call Becca (who now has Internet) and ask her to look up the phone number to Pollo Loco. (Memzy would have been my next call. I could have called her first but I knew she was texting Landeelu) This is needed because I do not have an iphone. This fact alone is a major selling point in my book and I think me's getting one for my birthday--we'll see. I call Pollo Loco and sure enough, they have it and will save it until we return.

We borrow a wheelchair from the temple, enjoy the session, appreciate the Talbots, say goodbye and get back on the road heading north. This is not fun because we have a hotel in West Hollywood for the night as we have an 8:30 A.M. appointment at the Cedars ALS clinic on Wednesday. Long story short, we get the wheelchair back, get to our hotel and all is well.

The Cedars visit was great!!! Cris will be getting a tricked out electric wheelchair sometime in the next few months. I'm pretty sure the grand kids are going to want to test drive it.

The point of this story is to let you know when it happens to you, and it will--relax and use your best problem solving skills. It could always be worse. Case in point: In 1991 Cris' brother was ill with pancreatic cancer, separated from his wife and Cris' mother was taking care of him. They were traveling from Arizona to N. California in her small motor home. He was asleep in the back as he was very ill. She decided to stop at a rest stop to use the bathroom. She does her thing, gets back in the motor home and gets back on the freeway. Two hours later she makes another stop to check on him. He is not in the motor home. He had gotten out to use the bathroom at the first rest stop and she didn't know it. She was hysterical but eventually realized he must have left the motor home at the last rest stop. Some very nice people had given him a blanket to keep warm and stayed with him, knowing she would return eventually. Yup--took a long time for everyone to get over that one. So yeah, leaving something behind is NBD--unless it's a kid.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's Start a New Year!!!

We look forward to 2009 with high hopes of fun, family and good times. We celebrated 5 grand children's birthdays in the last few weeks and two baptisms. Here's Kevin with "Super-Seth" on his baptism day last Friday in Medford, Oregon. We were so sad not to be there but we send our love and congratulations to Seth. He's a great kid--really fun, funny, kind, smart, talented. . . .on and on. We love him.

Kevin and Tracey's family is growing so fast. Christine is 12, Luke will be 10 tomorrow, Seth turned 8 on 12/31, Rachel will be 5 on 1/10 and Ricky will be 2 in March. Sweet family.

Memzy's Jack was baptized yesterday and it was so fun to be there and see his happy face as he came out of the water. (All pictures were taken on Emily's camera--she'll probably post) Now there's a fun kid!!! He is so kind and helpful to his mom and dad and brothers, always a good friend to everyone, cooperative, cheerful, talented, smart. We love him very much.

Isabella (Nick's) turned 5 on January 2nd and we love her too. (on the right)

Cris and I had a quiet New Years--all the grand kids were out of town so we had to find our own entertainment. Football games and shopping pretty much worked. I've seen some pretty good resolutions in the blogging world lately and won't try to compete (you know who you are:)

Let's just say

  • continue positive attitude

  • find joy in each day

  • mock those who commit fashion errors (not you people--ordinary people on the street)

  • think about maybe trying to get excited about possibly going on a diet. No commitment at this time.

  • cut back on ice cream

  • ramp up my technology knowledge--so much to learn.

  • plan some kind of memorable event with our kids for our 40th anniversary.

  • There are other resolutions---but not for posting.

OK people--let's get out there and get started!!