Monday, January 26, 2009

What is it about ladders--kids love 'em.

Our grapefruit tree is LOADED this year and who can I get to help me pick 'em?
Just say the word "ladder" in a sentence around kids and it's go time. Liesl and Owen came over to help pick Saturday and had a great time. Liesl wanted me to be her safety net.
We had to take turns and follow the safety rules. . .and yes, it was a bit muddy under that tree.

We picked two large buckets and 4 grocery sacks full and didn't even make a dent. We've had a couple of families come over and pick already. Still hundreds up there.

I might mention that some of the grapefruit are hollowed out by our neighborhood raccoon. We've seen him walk across our patio many times.

Fun times. Anyone is welcome to come over and take some home. Side gate always open.


Memzy said...

Wha? Neighborhood racoon!? Why is this news to me? And Brains watched this with me and suggested we get over there this week to help you pick the rest. He's ready to go.

Katie said...

I have two weakness'. Grapefruit, and ladders. I am so tempted right now.

Jenny ESP said...

My grandma had huge plum tree, and picking plums was the highlight of our visitsto her house, so I get the ladder/pickin' thing.

I just heard the news that I'm probably not going to see you this weekend. So sad. I'll have to make a whole nuther trip to Bako now.

Carol said...

Memzy--Didn't I tell you about our varmit? Did I say raccoon? I meant possum, people. Sorry--looks the same to me. The boys are welcome any time. We'll talk.

Katie, Give in to your temptation.

Jespy, Hold the phone now. When are you arriving? We don't leave until Friday morning. Any chance we can get together Thursday?

Flem said...

Glad you said it wasn't a raccoon because those things are freaky. An opossum might be ugly but not scary. Just ugly. Way ugly.

Was this a dieting possum?

Landee said...

Pro Column for Living in CA:

*you don't have to pay to get out of your cell phone contract

*Aunt Visor's grapefruit tree

^^those are the only two I can think of but that's more than I had like, 3 days ago!