Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's Start a New Year!!!

We look forward to 2009 with high hopes of fun, family and good times. We celebrated 5 grand children's birthdays in the last few weeks and two baptisms. Here's Kevin with "Super-Seth" on his baptism day last Friday in Medford, Oregon. We were so sad not to be there but we send our love and congratulations to Seth. He's a great kid--really fun, funny, kind, smart, talented. . . .on and on. We love him.

Kevin and Tracey's family is growing so fast. Christine is 12, Luke will be 10 tomorrow, Seth turned 8 on 12/31, Rachel will be 5 on 1/10 and Ricky will be 2 in March. Sweet family.

Memzy's Jack was baptized yesterday and it was so fun to be there and see his happy face as he came out of the water. (All pictures were taken on Emily's camera--she'll probably post) Now there's a fun kid!!! He is so kind and helpful to his mom and dad and brothers, always a good friend to everyone, cooperative, cheerful, talented, smart. We love him very much.

Isabella (Nick's) turned 5 on January 2nd and we love her too. (on the right)

Cris and I had a quiet New Years--all the grand kids were out of town so we had to find our own entertainment. Football games and shopping pretty much worked. I've seen some pretty good resolutions in the blogging world lately and won't try to compete (you know who you are:)

Let's just say

  • continue positive attitude

  • find joy in each day

  • mock those who commit fashion errors (not you people--ordinary people on the street)

  • think about maybe trying to get excited about possibly going on a diet. No commitment at this time.

  • cut back on ice cream

  • ramp up my technology knowledge--so much to learn.

  • plan some kind of memorable event with our kids for our 40th anniversary.

  • There are other resolutions---but not for posting.

OK people--let's get out there and get started!!


Memzy said...

If I could get the other computer away from my kids then I will upload and edit, etc, the pics and post them asap!! We loved having you gize there.

Landee said...

"other resolutions not for posting??" Now you have peaked my interest. I resolve to read your blog every time you post.... this is one I will finally keep!

Love you. Happy New Year!

Br Boys said...

Hey let's go to lunch and mock fashion don't together!!(giggle)

Hot Pants said...

Hey, I was going to think about maybe trying to get excited about possibly going on a diet too. And, I bet I would be one of the people on the street that you would continue to mock about their lack of fashion sense. I had no idea how similar we are!

Jenny ESP said...

5 bdays? You gize were busy! Jack is so sweet and cute, very similar personality-wise to my Gus. And I yuv talking yike Charyie. He had a hard time grasping Homer's name. Glad it finally clicked.

Happy New Year! And good luck with your ambitious resolutions.

Haines 5 said...

We loved seeing you two last week. You both continue to inspire us...just like you always have. Thanks for the visit. :) Happy '09!