Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is a magical time.

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our loved ones near and far. Lots of memories with grandchildren and our wonderful adult kids. We miss Nick and Kevin and their families but enjoyed them at Thanksgiving. Here's a small sample of our fun times.

Little Miss Clara opening her first present--Baby Einstein DVD.
Who knew Hungry Hippo was still popular?
Liesl and Owen telling the story of the first Christmas.

Gramma gave Liesl her first big-girl doll. She was promptly names "Kelly".

The Dads (Sherod and Jason) assembling the storm trooper helmets. Four year old waiting with loaded gun.

Dad's couldn't resist trying them on. They were way cool.

Here's a great gift idea. When your kids have been married for enough years that their wedding photos are no longer on your living room wall. . . give as a Christmas gift to adoring Sons-in-law.

See--they loved it. Shed said he's going to hang it on the ceiling above their bed.

Proof that Memzy did NOT get coal for Christmas. Some people pay attention to her wish list.

Some of the group chillaxin after all the presents were opened. Watching the MoTab Christmas program.

Four warriors and a fair maiden.

The blue eyed princess.

Clara loves to sit by Papa and share her food. He loves it so much. He can't reach out to touch her and she seems to sense this and reaches out to him. What a luv-bug.

Yah--it was a great Christmas.


gelly said...

Wow! I have to admit, aside from my two nephews, those are the most beautiful children I've ever seen! Those eyes!

Memzy said...

That was STRAIGHT from my list off the blog people!!! Aunt Visor knows what I love. Toilet paper, windex and chocolate almonds. That's all I need. It was super fun. Thanks again you gize.

Landee said...

That looked like Charmin Soft which we all know is too "linty." Was it Charmin Strong?

Merry Christmas to all in the Parks family!

Carol said...

Gelly, Heard you had fun with the fam. They miss you.

Memzy--It WAS super fun.

Tiffers: Charmin STRONG--of course. And don't even think about getting the small size roll--very irritating. It must be the large or jumbo. Only way to go.

Jenny ESP said...

I bet if Memzy knew you were going to make all her wildest dreams come true, she would have put something like a brand new van on her blog wish list. And a Kindle. She's so jealous of mine, poor thing.

You have some shockingly adorable grandkids there.

Carol said...

Thanks Jenny, they are pretty cute and you're right. . . .I'm sure she's jealous of your kindle.

Hot Pants said...

I loved the beautiful pictures you gave your son in-laws. I just hope my mom doesn't ever come up with that idea. My husband might actually hang mine up. It was hideous. I have no idea how I ever even suckered someone into marrying me.