Saturday, December 6, 2008

FFF--on Saturday--Game on Landee

In response to Tiffers/Kimmie's photo challenge I decided to dig out some old pix to amuse you. For this blogger group's purposes I seem to focus more on Memzy and Landee but in reality there are many other Jeppson cousins who have strong bonds. I will share just a few.

There's Kimmie back row left, Kevin, her brother Scott who I hear tormented everyone in the back of the camper--may be just a rumor--then Nick. Bottom row, Nathan--dig those short shorts, Becca, Tiffers and Emily holding Chewy. Good times.

Emily, Cousin Eric who they both had a crush on, and Tiffers at David's wedding 1989
Summer 1976, Memzy and her mom bottom row left, then Gramma Decker holding Tiffers. My sisters Vicki and Patti.

Freshman dorm room 1993.

Reunion 1994

Lots of Jeppson cousins lived at the Riv!

Jeppson reunion at Cayucus 1986

So you see these cousins go back a long way. It's a good life.


Landee said...

Holy cow!! OK OK! You win! Geesh!

And that "crush" on Eric is supposed to have been a secret! But srsly, can you blame us? Look at his surfer hair!

Look at what Scott is doing to Kevin in that pic any you tell me if those were just rumors. That's right. He TORTURED me. I remember banging on the little window between the camper & the truck & begging my parents to let me out but they just ignored. Torture.

Memzy said...

It's a hand's down victory for Aunt Visor. Good times. Good times. Some of those outfits and hair send me into fits of embarrased laughter. But that's totally normal.

Annie said...

I can't believe how much that first picture of Memzy & Landee with there cousin looks like Nick. Your nephew JD Jeppson spoke in our ward on Sunday. What a nice guy. Then this week Tucker wrestled his little guy at a tournament. How fun is that.

Kim said...

Can I just say... I'm glad I'm not your fave neice and you only have ONE pic of me?

Memz tell me you don't want to put Aunt Visah in timeout for a minute.

But this truly should be an inspiration to every "awkward" teen out there. Look how beeeyouuuuteeefull they are today! It's like the overcame midgetitis but not as dramatic.

Kim said...

PS this blog is rood for not letting me post comments anonymous. Now EVERYlieteralONE is gonna know my fake first name.

Landee said...

I don't know if I'm her fave niece (although, who else would it be....srsly) but I just happened to be the same age as one of her two favorite daughters.

Yikers.... srsly, these are the years Uglies by Scott Westerfeld were written about. ::shamelessly plugging this month's Smart Remarks Book Club pick::

Carol said...

Kimmie/Anonymous--You didn't really think your were ACTUALLY anonymous, did you? Come on--you are an outstanding niece who could NEVER be anonymous. And who's to say which is my fav niece? Not me.

Annie, fun that you met JD. He's a super guy with a beautiful family.

Landee said...

I'm to say, and I am the fave. It's ok. There's no one even close so they're not gonna feel bad about it.

Kim said...


I was wondering what was odd about the Riv pic!

p.s. I know I'm your fave neice but you don't have to say it in front of ewe no hoo.

Jenny ESP said...

I can totally recognize Kimmie in that first picture, having only met her once. I think you should do "Awkward foto Saturday." Catchy name, huh?