Thursday, December 18, 2008

Charlie's explanation of Christmas

I apologize in advance to those of you who may be sick of my weekly kids-date videos. What can I say--it's what makes the world go 'round. Charlie decided today instead of cooking or the book store he wanted to go to the "art" store, i.e. Michael's dollar section. You can't beat it. Lots of seasonal art stuff for kids. We came out of the store with 7 items for $4.83--he was stoked and so was I. He's been complaining that only mommy gets Christmas cards. None are for him. So he made himself, his family and several other people Christmas cards--put spider man stickers on as stamps and put them in my mail box with the flag up. Done deal as far as he's concerned. BTW--I mailed him his own card today. He'll probably blow a gasket when he gets it. Small pleasures for that kid.

Update on Papa/Cris/Uncle Visor: He's doing well, walking around the house a bit, getting out once a day for excitement (Leo's burgers, Taco Bell, etc.) His injuries have healed very well and he has no pain. His balance, however, leaves much to be desired. So here's the story with picture attached.

Whenever I leave to do errands or whatever, I make sure he's all settled in his lounge chair with remote, phone, snack. It's a good system and works 90% of the time. The other 10%--not so much. Last week I came home from doing an errand and as I opened the door I immediately hear, "I'm just resting" as I see him on the floor. Whaaaaa? How?????? Are you OK? "Yup, I'm OK, I just fell trying to pick up a red hot tamale off the floor". A) He's not sposed to be out of his chair while I'm gone and B) Red Hot Tamale--totally not worth it. He bent down carefully thinking, "I'll go slow and if I feel weak I won't continue". Next thing he knows he's blacked out and on the floor. The dizziness while bending over--not a good thing.

He's not hurt but now--how to get him up? We call our neighbor and she comes over--no dice, we can't get him up. We call Jason (son in law) and he leaves work and comes right over and pops him up quickly. No harm, no foul except Papa is again in a major time out. The rules are now strictly enforced--no getty outty the chair while I'm gone. Next morning--this is what we find. He must have hit his head on the cupboard on the way down. As Landeelu would say, "Crap"


Memzy said...

His timeout's are sorta adding up these days. I didn't realize about the head tho! Owie. I love the, "I'm just resting" part. Soooo dad.

And in other news: That is the cutest 4 year old kid on the planet.

Jenny ESP said...

Dang, that is one sharp kid. And if he had dropped a candy cane Hershey's kiss, then he could probably justify the risk, but it's definitely not worth it for a red hot tamale.

Carol said...

So true to both above posts.

Mary said...

Great idea for a grand kid date. I'm gonna do that.

Your experience reminds me of taking care of Gus' step dad. His disobedience to the rules, cost him some cuts, scrapes, and a huge shiner! Didn't think to put him in time out, though!

Emily said...

Charlie is so dang cute. You are one lucky grandma--and a pretty awesome one at that!

Poor papa. You might have to move passed the time-outs and try something different.

Hot Pants said...

I would just make sure I piled pillows all around his chair before I left. Then if he did fall, he would just be so comfy there on the floor on his pillows it really wouldn't be a big deal.

I can't wait for my kids turn with Mary.