Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In Appreciation---for you Mom

Today I have this overwhelming need to salute my mom--aka Gramma Decker. Why today? She's been having a tough time with her little midget body causing her unbearable pain. Solving the problem is ongoing as we speak and we hope for answers and solutions soon. In the meantime--talking to her on the phone is a kick because the Lortab pain meds make her sound drunk. She prefers the term "loopy" but I say drunk.

Here are a few things you should know about my Mom:
*She loves her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids a lot!!
*She knows all 100+ by name and has made at least one quilt for each, sometimes two or three, depending on their age.
*She's addicted to fabric stores and quilts.
*She a clothes horse, fashionista, shoe-aholic. When she comes to visit me we always have to ship a very large box back home with her shopping treasures.

I submit the following picture as proof of her love of style.

This picture was taken one week after I was born--1948. Who looks like that one week post giving birth? BTW--her legs still look like that. See next picture for proof.

*She loves high heels and is ticked because she's not allowed to wear them anymore. Safety first.

*She's 86 and doesn't look it or act it.

*She is ALWAYS cheerful ,positive, flexible, gracious, grateful--you get my drift.

*As a mother raising 7 kids she was strict, bossy, very noisy, creative, hard working, loyal, I could go on and on. She joined the church at age 18 and gave our family that legacy with all the blessings that go with it.

So, I salute you Mom and send my love and admiration. I want to be just like you when I grow up (maybe not as noisy). I am trying to emulate your courage and strength. Thanks for teaching me so much good stuff. (See, she's pretty cute)


Landee said...

Aaaaw!! ::single tear:: This is adorable. And srsly, the gams on that lady!!

I love you too Grandma!! (I'm assuming she'll read this and then click on the comments). Loratab is sweet, huh???

Memzy said...

Those LEGS!!

Srsly, love the tribute. Does she read this anyway? It doesn't matter cuz she knows it's all true.

Tara said...

What a looker! I hope I have the Wilson genes in my blood so it will buffer the aging process some! I can't think of a better woman in all the world!

Emily said...

That was really sweet and that lady has some gorgeous legs!!

Emily said...
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gelly said...

Beautifully said-I think "legacy" describes her life best. Each person she has touched is better for having known her, inside and out of her own family. I know I am.

Kim said...

I cannot begin to comment on that lil midget and how much I loverz her. Sassy doesn't begin to describe Grandma. My Dad wouldn't be who he is/was/always has been... had it not been for her strict and NOISY way. And you know how much I loverz my Dad and all that he is. Geesh.. this blogging thing was supposed to be fun! ;)
p.s. I jacked (that's a term ask your memzy kid about) that pic of Gramma off here so fast I bet your internet slowed down for 18teen hours

Kim said...

Her recipes btw ekwal annoying. A pinch of this.. a dash of.. and my fave "when it looks right"
Again.. love her... gosh knowsit... but that's why I only cook Jello now.

Carol said...

Kimmerz, You're so right about her recipes--way annoying. I just recently FINALLY made good orange rolls. And let's not start talking about her OCD with sewing. She's a master and a perfectionist----and I am NOT. When I was young it became very clear it would not be good for our relationship for her to teach me to sew---soooo she wisely signed me up for a 4H sewing class and kid lessons at the college. Once I got the basics--we were OK. Even now--if I can't do it fast--I don't do it at all whereas she will carefully and artfully create something just for perfection's sake. Geeez And you're right about your Dad--he's the best and much of that can be credited to my mom's example.

Landee said...

Geez "Kim"... get yer own blog or sumpin. Aunt Visor doesn't want a novel in her comments.

Carol said...

Yeah--I do! But your own blog is OK too Kimmerz.

Kim said...

"Landee" that was rood. Right "Carol"?

Oh you shoulda seen my Dads girlfriend trying to teach me how to sew. Talk about throwin up the hands when I put my adorable 6 month old baby ON The material and cut around him for his Santa suit. FYI all of my kids have worn it and it's adorable.

But yeah.. parents can't tolerate teaching thier own kids nuttin. It's how the universe works.

srsly lollerz at you being OK after classes... hilarity.

Kim said...

To clarify.. I refer to her as his girlfriend because he still courts her like it's their first 11 days of "going steady".. I know you knew that but I just wanted to make sure that rood Landee person didn't get mad. Cuz she skeers me.

Hot Pants said...

I can't wait until my kids do an appreciation post about me. I am pretty sure it will be very similar...minus the legs. Oh, and I don't sew or cook, so no one will talk about that either. Crap! I can't think of anything they'll write about me. I better get on the ball. Maybe you should send me some of her recipes and sewing patterns to help me out.
BTW, I had a seminary teacher here in Les Bois named Decker. He had a daughter named Lisa. Related?

Jenny ESP said...

I'm bringing a picture of those legs to my plastic surgeon when I'm eighty and telling him "make me look like this."

PS. Don't be surprised, but I put you on my blog roll so I don't have to gain access via Memzy or Landee. That extra step was very time-consuming.

Carol said...

Hot Pants--I'm honored you commented on my blog and am sending you my Mom's pumpkin pie recipe--which is easy smeasy and the best!!
1 lrg can pumpkin
1 can evaporated milk
1 cup sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice.
Mix it up with hand mixer.
That's it! Pour in to a pie shell, bake at 400 for 15 min. and then 350 for another 40 min or until a knife comes out clean. You'll be hooked. Now about that sewing--can't help you there. I'm still good and have enough self confidence to not care.

Jenny ESP--you put me on your blog roll? I'm tearing up. That's so sweet.

Carol said...

Hot Pants,
Left out a word. I'm still NOT good at sewing and don't care.