Monday, December 1, 2008


As you can see, we have a new family picture. Our old one was minus two cute babies, Ricky and Clara. We gathered in the backyard for a photo--slam bam--it was done lickety split--painless actually.

This was a memorable Thanksgiving for many reasons;
1. All our children and grandchildren were here with us, which can be an accomplishment for any family.
2. Cris was up walking a bit and impressing everyone.
3. We laughed a lot.
4. We played a lot.
5. We saw cousins loving and bonding.
6. We had great food--thanks everyone for your contributions.
7. This was one of my easiest cooking Thanksgivings.
8. The football game was awesome.
9. We are acutely aware that life can be fleeting and savoring each moment fills us with joy.
10. We appreciate the goodness of our children and their spouses. We love each grandchild individually.
11. We are grateful for the Gospel in our lives and the peace and joy it brings.
12. We are grateful for our Savior.

Enjoy the photos.
Nick, Lori, Natasha and Bella
Kevin, Tracey, Christine, Luke, Seth, Rachel, Ricky
Emily, Sherod, Riley, Jack, Charlie
Rebecca, Jason, Owen, Liesl, Clara

The traditional trivial pursuit game. I believe Jason and Sherod have won 2 in a row?
The girls watching a movie on Gramma and Papa's bed.

The football huddle.
The kids in the backyard.


SAS said...

I love all the family pics! It is crazy how time goes...weren't we all just little kids the other day?

Carol said...

Yes--you were. And aren't we lucky to still keep in touch. Your little family is absolutely darling and I can't wait for the pink princess to arrive.

Carskiley said...

What a beautiful family you have. I love your family pictures, it makes me want one of my whole family too! (Lisa Race)

Emily said...

You have such a beautiful family. You must be so proud!! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving--nothing better than spending it with family.

Landee said...

Adorable family pictures!! What is that hanging out of Nick's pocket? Tell Kev & Nick that next year, they can "phone a friend" (aka Gty) to help them beat Srod & Jason.

Carol said...

Awesome idea Landee. Just like on Millionaire--you have options, ask the audience, phone a friend, 50/50. I'm sure that would help them win :)

Memzy said...

I believe that was the THIRD time in a row that "we" won. Those boys are very proud of their track record in that game. You should post a video of playing football. Those were good times. And btw, I'm going to have to copy some of these pictures on my blog. doyee

Jenny ESP said...

Look at that respectable family picture in the header! Handsome bunch.

Haines 5 said...

How'd you get so many grandkids??? It's so great seeing Bishop getting better. Loved seeing a snapshot of your holiday!

kristi said...

It certainly looks like you had fun and I can see why you are so thankful, this year especially. Hope all is getting back to "normal."

Urmston Mom said...

I count the Parks family whenever I am counting blessings. You are my hero (say it twice, once for Carol and once for Bishop)

J-Lo said...

Those pictures are great! Glad to know you could all be together for Thanksgiving.