Monday, December 8, 2008

Which is better--the gingerbread house itself, or the candy ?

It's gingerbread house time at our house. When our kids were little we used to make the gingerbread from scratch, and build the house. It was fun, but a lot of work. Here's the proof circa 1982

This was last year at Nick's house with half the grandkids. Fun, fun, fun.

Fast forward to this year. Last Saturday it was Riley, Jack and Charlie's turn. The loved it and did a great job. Riley has graduated from gingerbread houses to making his own homemade pumpkin pie, including the crust. Sorry there are no pictures of the pumpkin pie. Time got away from me. But we had a great day.

Today was Liesl and Owen's turn. We've come a long way baby. Boxed kit, everything included, simplify and reduce--that's my motto. Much more fun, less work, and they were thrilled.

Check out the finished product. Awesome!!!

Here's video to prove fun was had by all.


Memzy said...

K, that pic of us as kids........too much. My own are asleep right now but I've got to show them that.

Br Boys said...

Ok, so were my kids next tues or Weds to make houses, I forget.:giggle: I keep thinking if I just keep acting like I'm part of the family you might forget that I'm not.(big smile) I can remember making plans to marry me off to one of the Jeppson(sp?) cousins when I was in college.(does that count?)He, he

Carol said...

It totally counts Amy. You ARE part of our family. Love you

Tara said...

So I was in zoology in college before I knew squirels hibernated! Ten points to Owen!!!!