Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Just wanted to say thanks again for the special Christmas card. As you can see, it sits right in front of our computer screen as I blog (for reference purposes). Even Uncle Visor refers to the flow chart when reading posts. He's shy--doesn't post himself--but belly laughs often over other's posts.

Emily drew a flow chart so I can put names and pseudo-names, with faces. And they are flow up to Mary (except Landeelu of course--she would flow next to Memzy, past me and up to my brother). What a sweet family. Luckily I already know who belongs to whom in Shed's family so no flow chart needed there--another very sweet family. I guess we're all lucky to be relatives and /or blogging friends. Merry Christmas to all.


Memzy said...

SRSLY that flo chart has really made things clear now you gize. The other day I was talking to Uncle Visor about the blogs and mentioned Jenny and he goes, "ESP right?". Soooo with it.

Jenny ESP said...

Isn't it crazy that we Morgan girls look nothing alike? We're full blood and everything. My oldest niece used to get us all mixed up when she was little, except for me because of my glasses.

Landee said...

Anon has been begging for a flowchart for a while. Imma gank this one and send it her way.

I am so glad Memzy didn't have to explain who I was. That woulda been awkward.

Hot Pants said...

That card is GORGEOUS!!!! I am so glad it has helped you also.