Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's time to put up the tree--Charlie style

Today was Charlie's turn to cook with Gramma and his choice was, of course, a Christmas tree cake with accompanying "presents" (mini-cakes for the brudders). While the cakes were cooking we had a decoration fest. I gave him a box of decorations and he did his usual "cluster decorating". Sorry, no pictures of the aforementioned activities.

But, alas, the priceless video complete with original lyrics to his songs. Enjoy.


Landee said...

I forsee a HGTV show with CharChar as the star. He'll have a rough time on Don't Forget the Lyrics though.

Br Boys said...

I love the new Fam picture. I'm sorry I missed seeing Kevin and Tracy. Love Amy

Memzy said...

Maybe he'll head up the show "Make your own lyrics". Cuz that's a common occurence at my house. He loved it, of course!