Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our idea of fun.

Last Saturday we went to see this. . . . .
With these people.

I HIGHLY recommend it. I want to see it again on the BIG screen and then I want to buy it when it comes out on DVD. It was awesome.

And then we had fun playing with the Hoyer lift. A "demo" worth seeing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can you guess who this is?

Person A

Person B
Let's see who can guess correctly.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

65 and Still Alive!!!

I know, I know---just a wee bit on the quirky side, but that's how Cris decided to celebrate his birthday. 65 and Still Alive!! Look, a new BYU shirt from Nick. He LOVED it.
And Thelma (Jen) gave him a BYU BLANKET. He was blown away and loves it. He often gets cold and needs a blanket over his legs and this was perfect.

We partied at Memzy's house with all the local chillins. They love Papa and love singing to him.

We Skyped with the Oregon bunch and talked on the phone with the Nevada Bunch and had lots of cards and phone calls.
And then there was a super gift from the Respiratory Therapist. Delivery of one of these (BIPAP machine) If I knew how to photoshop I would have put big red bows on them for you.

And one of these (Cough Assist machine)
He trained us for about and hour on how to set up, use, clean yadda yadaa. Hopefully we'll get comfortable with these new toys and it will help him breathe better and avoid respiratory infections, etc. I bet you think they're cool looking. Sortof.
One more thing. . . .I hit the jackpot in the "bargain of the century" department at Macy's on Saturday. Big sale--so I think to myself--just mozy up to the little girls department and have a look-see. I had seen these dresses before Easter @ $60 each. No thanks. They had been marked down a couple of times, still no thanks. But last Saturday, $24 each with 50% off before 1:00 P.M. AND I had a $10 coupon. Do the math----with tax, $8.00 each. How fun is that!!! And aren't they darling?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Surgery #2--update on Memzy

That's right folks!!! TWO. Long story short--first surgery looked to be a success but the post surgery pain was indescribable--literally. After many pain meds and no relief and pain increasing the surgeon ordered another MRI only to find--all is not well. Went back in today --3 hours--larger incision--bigger instruments--and found some difficult, strange, calcified disc that looked like bone. Took it out-----eureka! Pain gone. I just spoke with her and she was in heaven, repeating herself over and over. "I feel so good, I feel so good". Brought me to tears.

She's hoping to be released tomorrow and come home. We all know when Memzy makes up her mind--it's gonna happen.

Over and Out,
ONE happy Mom

She said no pictures until she can wash her hair which looks like a tub of butter. (don't go there)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

News Flash/Update on Memzy

I'm pretty sure this is the BEFORE picture. She won't send me an AFTER one :)

As some of you know, Memzy had surgery yesterday at the Kaiser Hospital in L.A.
A discectomy, to be exact. Make that two discectomies and yes--it's double the pleasure, quadruple the pain. Surgery took 4 1/2 hours instead of the expected 2 hrs and we are told it was successful and she should be good as new at some point in the future.

Measuring success is not an exact science and sometimes it cannot be measured at all--at least not immediately. She expected to awaken from her drug induced sleep with a smile on her face totally free from the pain that has plagued her for 8 months. Didn't happen exactly as she had hoped and her pain level has been pretty bad. Morphine is her friend for a day or two but does not last long enough etc. They are adding steroids today and keeping her until tomorrow to get control.

She's a tough cookie and will hang in there but several words come to mind when listening to her voice: discouraged, disappointed, frustrated, pizzed. I am confident, however, that by tomorrow the sun will be shining just a little bit brighter and things will be looking up.

Shed has been wonderful--by her side--being the patient-advocate that he is. It's hard for him to watch her in pain and he said to me (in the sweetest husband voice) "I wish it were me instead of her".

The boys are doing well and friends and family are stepping up to help. Prayers and well wishes/texts/emails will be appreciated.

Over and out,
Memzy's mom who is sad for her

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Fun!!!

We hosted the local grand kids for an Easter Egg Hunt/cupcake decorating eggstravaganza on Friday. It was so much fun. Riley was the official "hider". Each person had a designated color--great idea Becca.
Must insert a picture of Clara. . . .must.
Riley hid all the eggs while the others decorated their cupcakes. More sprinkles please.

Owen, Liesl and Clara doing art projects on Wednesday.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Crackers.
I'm pretty much lovin this guy too.
Mom helpers. Memzy---always with her camera.

Let the hunt begin.
Charlie with his treasures.

They seemed to follow each other around like a herd of puppies.


We were visiting, having a great time, ignoring this little one.

Cupcake tops for dinner. Now THAT'S a party.