Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can you guess who this is?

Person A

Person B
Let's see who can guess correctly.


SAS said...

Emily and Charlie

Landee said...

Easy. I recognize the ears anywhere. And the bottom....CharChar.

PS Happy Birthday to UV!! He's adorable!!!

Memzy said...

Those teeny noses!!

Ps. I showed Charlie the first pic and asked who it was. Guess what he said?

gelly said...

1) Memzy for sure
2) Char Char. They look just alike. So does the eldest, Brains is it?

Larkin Legacy said...

My guess is Memzy and Char Char, but I could be wrong on the latter. Cute comparison.

Jenny ESP said...

First, awesome headboard. Second, those adorable babies must be mother and son. Spitting image!!! And can I see a pic of baby Clara too, for comparison purposes. I suspect she's part of this spitting image thing.

Hot Pants said...

I thought the first one was Memzy in a peacock costume.

Carol said...

SAS: True

Landeelu: Right on and UV said Thanks for the shout out.

Memz: For sure and I heard Char thought it was him. So cute

Gelly: Aren't they so cute


Jespy: Loved that you noticed that 70's wicker headboard from CostPlus in San Francisco--present from mother-in-law. It had a night stand and chair to match. Sooo classic for the early 70's. And Baby Clara looks more like my baby pictures that Aunty Emz.

HotPants: Good observation.

Princess Kimi said...

does Memz still have that pink bwankie? Srsly Valley of the Dolls headboard kickin there. And no doyee Clara looks like your baby pics... cuz hers Momma Becca looks JUST like you! My boyzers baby pics look just like mine sans the ponytails. My girler...notsomuch. :: sigh :: And I kinda thought maybe the first pic was Kevin. Srry Memz!