Thursday, April 8, 2010

News Flash/Update on Memzy

I'm pretty sure this is the BEFORE picture. She won't send me an AFTER one :)

As some of you know, Memzy had surgery yesterday at the Kaiser Hospital in L.A.
A discectomy, to be exact. Make that two discectomies and yes--it's double the pleasure, quadruple the pain. Surgery took 4 1/2 hours instead of the expected 2 hrs and we are told it was successful and she should be good as new at some point in the future.

Measuring success is not an exact science and sometimes it cannot be measured at all--at least not immediately. She expected to awaken from her drug induced sleep with a smile on her face totally free from the pain that has plagued her for 8 months. Didn't happen exactly as she had hoped and her pain level has been pretty bad. Morphine is her friend for a day or two but does not last long enough etc. They are adding steroids today and keeping her until tomorrow to get control.

She's a tough cookie and will hang in there but several words come to mind when listening to her voice: discouraged, disappointed, frustrated, pizzed. I am confident, however, that by tomorrow the sun will be shining just a little bit brighter and things will be looking up.

Shed has been wonderful--by her side--being the patient-advocate that he is. It's hard for him to watch her in pain and he said to me (in the sweetest husband voice) "I wish it were me instead of her".

The boys are doing well and friends and family are stepping up to help. Prayers and well wishes/texts/emails will be appreciated.

Over and out,
Memzy's mom who is sad for her


ShelBailey said...

Send her love from Aunt Shel and Uncle Sam! I"ve had a friend go through this and she expected the same thing. Unfortunately, there's a bit of healing period, but she's glad she went through it as she is pain free most of the time now.

We'll add Memz to our prayer list....

Flem said...

Thanks for the update!!! I know she is giving the peace sign, but you could interpret as another non-verbal cue.

Hang in there Memz! And Mama Visor!

Hot Pants said...

This makes me sooo sad! Thanks for the update. I'll right on the texting thing.

Jenny ESP said...

I'm so worried for her!

Whenever I'm in pain or not feeling well, I always tell Tony, "I wish it were you instead of me!" I'M always the one who has to say it, he never does. So Shed is super nice.


I will keep her in my prayers. Happy to hear the surgery was successful but sorry to hear she is in alot of pain. She sure is one tough cookie. I wonder where she gets that from!! Love you.

Princess Kimi said...

okay. I officially believe it's not all in her head. Dangit.

Memzy said...

Awwww. Thanks mom. I love you!! Brutal btw. Brutal.