Tuesday, April 20, 2010

65 and Still Alive!!!

I know, I know---just a wee bit on the quirky side, but that's how Cris decided to celebrate his birthday. 65 and Still Alive!! Look, a new BYU shirt from Nick. He LOVED it.
And Thelma (Jen) gave him a BYU BLANKET. He was blown away and loves it. He often gets cold and needs a blanket over his legs and this was perfect.

We partied at Memzy's house with all the local chillins. They love Papa and love singing to him.

We Skyped with the Oregon bunch and talked on the phone with the Nevada Bunch and had lots of cards and phone calls.
And then there was a super gift from the Respiratory Therapist. Delivery of one of these (BIPAP machine) If I knew how to photoshop I would have put big red bows on them for you.

And one of these (Cough Assist machine)
He trained us for about and hour on how to set up, use, clean yadda yadaa. Hopefully we'll get comfortable with these new toys and it will help him breathe better and avoid respiratory infections, etc. I bet you think they're cool looking. Sortof.
One more thing. . . .I hit the jackpot in the "bargain of the century" department at Macy's on Saturday. Big sale--so I think to myself--just mozy up to the little girls department and have a look-see. I had seen these dresses before Easter @ $60 each. No thanks. They had been marked down a couple of times, still no thanks. But last Saturday, $24 each with 50% off before 1:00 P.M. AND I had a $10 coupon. Do the math----with tax, $8.00 each. How fun is that!!! And aren't they darling?


gelly said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Cris!! Looks like you had a fabulous day, and what could be better than new BYU gear?

Carol-any cheaper and you would have had to steal those dresses. Good job.

Love you both!

thelma said...

what a great day!!! i am glad i shared the day with u guys!!! i am so happy he loved the byu blanket...his face priceless... that made my heart happy!!! i think we will become pros in no time on the new equipment! good job on your bargain dresses what an awesome gramma:)pretty girls, in pink! see u tomorrow

Flem said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Visor!

And the girls dresses? TDF. I am officially placing Bakersfield as a desirable place to live now.

Wait did I just say that?

Princess Kimi said...

Do you ever get sick of looking at your handsome husband? ::: cat call :::
HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE VISOR!!!!! All that BYU stuff..it pays to advertise what you like, right? and those fancy new machines rawk! Breathing is way better than not breathing. In my opinion. Is there a setting to where he can smell bubblegum or strawberries like happy gas at the dentist? Wait..maybe that wasn't real... p.s. Little girls are way more funner to buy clothes for than boyerz. Soooo pritty!

Jenny ESP said...

Happy birthday UV! Looks like he hit the jackpot in the gift department. That Thelma's a keeper.

$8 dresses??? And they're super adorable! Deals like that give me hope!

We finally made a vacay decision! Thanks for your help. Details coming...

Larkin Legacy said...

The dresses are darling. Happy Birthday to Cris! And if those new toys do the trick for him, they are terrific! Thanks for sharing.

J-Lo said...

Wow, breathing machines and Easter dresses. Quite the assortment of goodies:) Please tell Cris I say hello and am thinking of him!