Friday, April 9, 2010

Surgery #2--update on Memzy

That's right folks!!! TWO. Long story short--first surgery looked to be a success but the post surgery pain was indescribable--literally. After many pain meds and no relief and pain increasing the surgeon ordered another MRI only to find--all is not well. Went back in today --3 hours--larger incision--bigger instruments--and found some difficult, strange, calcified disc that looked like bone. Took it out-----eureka! Pain gone. I just spoke with her and she was in heaven, repeating herself over and over. "I feel so good, I feel so good". Brought me to tears.

She's hoping to be released tomorrow and come home. We all know when Memzy makes up her mind--it's gonna happen.

Over and Out,
ONE happy Mom

She said no pictures until she can wash her hair which looks like a tub of butter. (don't go there)


Princess Kimi said...

Oh my word!!!!!! I am so glad you put the happy ending in with the scary super freaky beginning part!!!!! I am so glad she is repeating herself and saying happy pritty things again! Keep us informed and tell her I love her guts!

gelly said...

Good heavens! Two surgeries--talk about a double whammy. Glad she is feeling so much better.

Memzy said...

What a relief! Surgery sux tho. Justsayin!!

SAS said...

GlaD things are looking up! You had me crying after the last post. Let me know how I might help!!!

Emily said...

Poor Memzy! I hope she is recovering at home now. What an ordeal!

Flem said...

This is good news. The last part.

I am so relieved her pain is gone too, mainly for your sake though.

Just kidding memz! I hope you at least got some pudding.