Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Fun!!!

We hosted the local grand kids for an Easter Egg Hunt/cupcake decorating eggstravaganza on Friday. It was so much fun. Riley was the official "hider". Each person had a designated color--great idea Becca.
Must insert a picture of Clara. . . .must.
Riley hid all the eggs while the others decorated their cupcakes. More sprinkles please.

Owen, Liesl and Clara doing art projects on Wednesday.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Crackers.
I'm pretty much lovin this guy too.
Mom helpers. Memzy---always with her camera.

Let the hunt begin.
Charlie with his treasures.

They seemed to follow each other around like a herd of puppies.


We were visiting, having a great time, ignoring this little one.

Cupcake tops for dinner. Now THAT'S a party.


Jenny ESP said...

We completely forgot to celebrate Easter! (the egg-bunny stuff, I mean). Tony just ran to the store to get stuff about 5 mins ago. Yikes.

Shed said...

That was such a nice and relaxing afternoon! We loved it and so did the kids. Thanks again!

Memzy said...

That was me btw. Ooopsie!

gelly said...

Ha, Clara is a very smart little girl. The top of the cupcake is the best part!

Landee said...

If we lived there would we be invited to such events or is this a "real grandkids only" kind of event? Just wondering in Denver.

You da best.

Carol said...

Tiffers, You would totally be invited. You kids ARE like my real grandkids. Pleeeeease.

Flem said...

That is a lot of sugary sweetness for the grandkids--another reason to be jealous of having you as the family grandma!

thelma said...

so cute what a great time it looks like the kids had :)

Princess Kimi said...

Clara eats her cupcakes like I eat my brownies at Golden Corral. Why be polite and eat the unbestest part?

What fun mess! I love those pictures with the silverware btw. Whose house is this? And the table and chairs are like mine too. Whoever's house it is they are awesome.

p.s. Memz threatened to keel me deaderz and not even leave me in a ditch if I ever posted a pic of her better side. I am in fear for your safety. NOT EVEN IN A DITCH! She was very clear about that part. justsayin. :::catcallin and sayin stuff like can I have some fries with that shake?:::