Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We were babysitting the baby.

Yes, THIS baby. Em and Sherod took the boys on a short vacation and we got to play with Rue. I tried to follow the rules (no people food, don't lose her, etc.) and did really well, except for a couple of bites of people food.
She jumped up on Papa's lap and made herself right at home.

Owen and Liesl LOVED her and spent two hours 'holding' her. Owen said, "I wish I could have a dog". Liesl said, "I want THIS dog". So cute Clara touched her, pet her and giggled---as long as the dog was not mobile. If the dog was on the floor--Clara was not.

I once again took advantage of my slave laborlings at the car wash. They do a much better job than the car wash guys.

They would such the carpet right off the floor if I let them.

Love Spring Break.


Landee said...

Awwwwww, RUE!!! So glad you posted this. Memzy never speaks of Rue. It's almost like she wishes she never existed. I'm glad to hear she's still alive & well. Did you teach her to run to the window when you say "skeeterdabuurds?" That's my fave trick of yours.

Memzy said...

I've been tempted many a time to post about Rue. But I thought it unwise due to possible teasings. Me yuves her. I hate to admit it but it's true. Even Shed said, "I miss her" the first night we were away. Lollerz!!!

ps. I received no less than 11teen texts from AV with pics of Rue the whole 2 days she had her.

Princess Kimi said...

Just like Big Mike she does absolutely nothing for me. But unlike Big Mike I'd buy her CD if she came out with one.

:: takes a benadryl ::

WTG gettin the kids to earn their keep! So many peeps are just letting their grandbabies play these days. It's sad.

thelma said...

o i am soo glad u did a post, i have been wondering whatcha been doing...10 days not seeing u guys is weird...i am glad u guys had fun...i posted some pics of the trip on my thelma profile. have a happy easter and i will see u on monday

Jenny ESP said...

Memzy luving a dog is weird. Rue is super cute, but her picture makes me wanna wash my hands.<--and that's why Memzy doesn't blog about her.