Sunday, March 7, 2010

What time is it REALLY?

This is the clock on the wall above my computer. It's a nice little clock--but too high for me to reach without a step-stool. Too much trouble.
This is the clock in one of our bedrooms. The correct time. Daylight savings time. The Daylight Savings time that will end next Sunday. I can reach this clock. I'll change it next Sunday and then it will match the clock above my computer---that's been wrong for 5 months.
Then all will be right with the world. Makes me happy just to think about it.


Memzy said...

Lollerz!! I feel your pain.

gelly said...

ha! :) We need to get you one of those grabbers, or maybe a pair of stilts.

Jenny ESP said...

I have broken clocks scattered all over the house, just to confuse me.

thelma said...

ur so biggy just a clock u have enough to worry about...i will fix the time next time:)