Monday, March 15, 2010

These kids just oooooooze happiness.

Nick, Tasha and Bella came for a visit this weekend. It's very clear that Liesl is in hog heaven when girls cousins arrive.
They laughed and played and laughed and played.
Nick has a way with toddlers. He can win them over within about 1/2 an hour. Once the sticker book came out Clara hopped right up.

Papa does love those little girls.

Me too.
A couple of weeks ago Kevin took his family to Mexico. Can you tell?
They LOVED it. Christine and Rachel are the most fluent in Spanish with Luke and Seth not far behind. Ricky. . .not so much.

Great family picture. Thanks for sharing Kevin.


gelly said...

once again, you have some of the cutest grandkids!
We loved skyping with you two the other night. And we're still laughing about the beans-in-the-jar comment. :)

Jenny ESP said...

You are one lucky grandma!

Larkin Legacy said...

Fun post, Carol. Love that you are enjoying your family so much.