Sunday, January 18, 2009

If you missed Quanza!!

If you missed Quanza and feel bad about it--you can always do something special for MLK Day. We plan to enjoy this holiday by seeing "Hotel for Dogs". We appreciate MLK and his contribution to the civil rights movement but what can you do to celebrate? Not much going on in our community. So "Hotel for Dogs" it is.

It was appreciation day for the outgoing Bishopric in Memzy's ward--open house style. Here are just few pix. It was a very nice event and Bishop Schilhabel and Sherod were honored for their service. Sherod said he loves his new calling--"Dad".

Jason and Sherod in a tender moment.
It appears that Uncle Sherod has finally won over Liesl.

Becca and Clara with special friend Naomi Forsythe--new Bishop's wife.
Happy Holiday everyone.


Jenny ESP said...

What if I miss both Quanza and Hotel for Dogs? Then how should I celebrate MLK day? I've actually been discussing this with Landee through text, and she said something about getting her "hurrdid" with money from her "babydaddy," which I thought was inappropriate.

Congrats to Shed on his new calling!

Landee said...

JESP started it with saying she was gonna go rob a convenience store!! Nobody puts Landee in a corner!

Also, are Shed & Memz trying to re-create that wedding picture behind them?

Carol said...

Jepsy, I suggest you have some fried chicken or something in honor of the holiday. Getting your hurrdid works--but only marginally.

Shed and Memz always look like that. The picture behind them was just a fluke. and I'm sure you misunderstood jespy--she would never rob a convenience store--unless she reaaaallllyyy needed some soda.

Jenny ESP said...

Lulu did misquote me. I said gas station, not convience store.

Memzy said...

Fer rude you gize. You didn't have a celebration with party hats and stuff?

Katie said...

Memzy looks so pretty!

J-Lo said...

Oh, my gosh, it's so great to see Naomi (and Becca, of course). Greg is the new bishop??? Wow! Do they have a blog?