Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Visors trip to Avila Beach. . . . . Awesome!

We hadn't been to the beach all summer (I know) and really wanted to enjoy that good ocean breeze, feet in the sand thing. Well, I did--Cris never liked putting his feet in the sand. We rented a really fun condo just steps from the beach and Becca and Jason and kidlets joined us--for fun and for support. Traveling has become challenging and a little help goes a long way.

Owen, Liesl and Clara loved the playground. . . . .

And the beach was super fun. It was not very warm but the kids seem to be immune to it.

Some little princess LOVES the sand.

Clara's hair is getting long and curly and very cute.

These are the condos---really nice, comfortable and great location.

Avila has a street fair/farmers market every Friday complete with Mexican dancers---

And a really good band.

Here's the really cool part. There's a power beach wheelchair you can borrow that will go right down to the water. Check out this video. It was really fun for Cris.

Check out this ride.

Owen and Liesl LOVED the water. It was freezing---didn't matter. It was great to spend time with Becca and Jason and family and we really appreciate their help. As always. . . . life's good.


Memzy said...

That beach "ride" looks tempting. Do you think he woulda let me jump on had I been there?

GREAT pics!

Landee said...

Looks like fun! That 4-wheeler wheel chair is the bomb!

I'm glad you pronounced Avila on the video cuz in my mind I was saying A-VEE-luh. Silly me.

Becca said...

Oh what fun! The kids can't decide what their favorite part was: the beach, the ice cream, the loft, the "party"...Thanks so much for letting us crash your vacation. We had a blast.


Looks like you had a great time. I love going to Avila beach. Love the beach ride! Great pictures and so glad you had a fun time with family. Love and miss you. Have a great day.

Jenny ESP said...

Hey, I think that's the same beach I went to this summer with Memzy. Is our sand boat still there?

That beach dune buggy thing looks fun, and so does the condo! Fancy!