Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday's are for soccer and grandkids. This is for you Memzy

Fall has come to Bakersfield--it was 56 degrees at 8:00 A.M. today. BEAUTIFUL, but one little boy did not want to wear a long sleeved shirt under his soccer shirt. "I'll just keep my arms inside Gramma--that will keep me warm". Mom and Dad are out of town and I was on soccer assignment. LOVED it.
Warm ups with the spider man ball.

Good sportsmanship is important---but sometimes the stink eye is necessary. (look close)

Jack either has a cold or really bad morning allergies. His face tells the story.

Solution--Kleenex stuffed nostrils. Whatever works.

Let the games begin. P.S. That's Jack sneezing at the end of this video.

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Memzy said...

It hurts me!! Ouch!!

Thanks for that. I giggled out loud.