Monday, February 15, 2010

Just some of our blessings.

Aren't iPhone terrific? Nick visited Kevin and family in Medford, Oregon this weekend and sent some fun pictures. IPhone pictures aren't as good as camera pictures but I love them just the same. Let it be said I didn't actually ask permission to post these images but am hoping they don't mind. A little target practice. . . . .
This one was labeled "Mormon Militia".

It appears that some people like to relax in the isle at church. "Just step over him people" He won't mind.

Little Miss Rachel at the park.
Kevin in his office looking very professional and official.

Liesl and Owen playing Webkins. They will talk to you while they play but will not look up.
Legos---lots of legos.

Now THIS is a picture. Miss Clara in her happy place at Gramma and Papa's. Thumb, sippy, blanket, Dora the Explorer on TV. Life is good.

Happy Valentines Day to all our loved ones.


Memzy said...

I wish adults could lay down in the aisle like that at church and it would be socially acceptable. ::sigh::

Landee said...

Did Kevin put that stethoscope on just for the pic or are doctors really that cliche? I mean, how often do they REALLY use those things anyway?

Cute grandkids ya got there, AV.

Jenny ESP said...

iPhone pictures are the best! I barely even use my cumbersome camera anymore. It seems 80s or something. And if I was a doctor, I'd never be seen without my stethoscope.

thelma said...

so adorable carol...