Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bumps, bruises and birthdays

The week in review:
1. Our new CNA (certified nurses assistant/home health care worker) is awesome. To protect her privacy we'll call her Thelma but that's not her real name. We finally found someone we're comfortable having in our home, helping Cris and making things easier for everyone. She comes M-F mornings to help shower, dress and do physical therapy for Cris leaving me free to play with grandkids or just do whatever.

2. We got a new piece of equipment. Click here if you're interested in looking. The short video at the bottom of the page shows how it works. Patting myself on the back for assembling that puppy myself. It still needs some tweaking before it's fully functional but we're optimistic it will be very helpful.

3. Our poor little minivan was rear-ended on Wednesday. Ouch. Still drives fine but it's embarrassed at how it looks. Goes in to the shop tomorrow.

4. Someone had a birthday this week. That would be me--AV. 62 and proud of it. Thanks to my sweet family for spoiling me rotten. I appreciate all your kindness and love. See UV in the background?
5. Birthday singing on Skype from Kevin and family.
6. How many candles are on that thing?


Jenny ESP said...

Shoot! I missed your b-day?? Bummer. Happy belated birthday! I can't believe you assembled that yourself. Looks complicated and technical. And very handy. Glad you found a good Thelma!

Memzy said...

Thelma is soooper cool. She's a twilight lover too! We loved hanging out for your beeday!!

gelly said...

It's hard to find good help these days. Glad you've found Thelma.

Maryann said...

Happy Belated b-day Carol. Stay strong and keep up the good work.

thelma said...

this is thelma:) and i am the lucky one :) u guys are a wonderful couple and enjoy my time with u

Landee said...

I wish her real name was Thelma cuz she sounds awesome and that's an awesome name.

Boooooo to the minivan getting munched. What the? Who hit you? I need names.

Happy belated birthday!! 62 is fabulous.

thelma said...

yay ur van is back!!! and the new shower chair cant wait till tomorrow to see how it works :)thelma is pretty glad to find them too...yeah and i am pretty awesome hehehe jk

J-Lo said...

I've been in blog checking outer-darkess for months and am just now peeking in for an update. Sounds like an eventful week. I hope the care repair is speedy. I love the updated family picture.

J-Lo said...

You are quite the handi-woman assembling the shower buddy on your own. Way to go! It must be nice to have a few things that make the daily care easier.