Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Pizza Day people. Own it.

One of my favorite things to do is "bake" with the grand kids. It's just FUN. Yes, it's messy but who cares. Besides, if you remember, Charlie likes to mop. Without further adieu---in no particular order:

These three love to watch TV on my bed. It could be animal planet, it could be Dora or Curious George. . .doesn't matter.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SKYPE. Thanks to Becca and Jason we (and Kevin) now have Skype and can video call our munchkins. Best invention ever!!! This is Rachel and Luke telling us about their day.
Charlie loves pizza, loves it.

Demo on how to roll out the dough.

The finished product. He ate a lot.
I asked Owen to smile for the camera. He did. . .but could not take his eyes off animal planet.
Liesl does not like pizza so she covered her dough with cinnamon and sugar. Owen's was cheese only. Clara had to have her own little ball of dough.
What? I only ate a little bit.
Fun times people, fun times.


Larkin Legacy said...

Thank you so much, Carol for your wonderful posts. I will look at pictures of our grandchildren anytime! And I totally agree...Skype is WONDERFUL! Thanks.

Memzy said...

Cinny and sugar? Oooooh. I yike that idea.

gelly said...

Yeah. I'm on board with Leisl and the cinnamon-sugar-pastry-goodness. You are a FUN gramma! Maybe that's a genetic thing you girls all share.