Thursday, November 20, 2008

After five weeks--Cris is walking again!! Yah--hoo!

An update on Cris:
After 5 weeks, the pelvis has healed enough to put weight on the left leg and start walking again. I took this video today and it's awesome!! He is very encouraged and it sure feels good to be a little bit more mobile. He's been going for outings in the car a bit more--even got a hair cut today. Please notice at the end of the video he "waves"--THAT'S THE BROKEN LEFT ARM--pretty good huh? Life is good people!!

On another funny note: Yesterday I had Charlie for a play date and while riding in the car he, of course, talks non-stop. I will select my favorite quote. "Gramma, I yuv your car", "Thanks Charlie, how come?" "Cuz it's so cyean (clean)--our car is smelly dirty. The brudders make a mess". I post this comment not to criticize Memzy and her car--oh no. I submit this picture of our VW Van, circa 1979 with vinyl floors that can literally be hosed out. Ahh, the good 'ol days. That's Kevin and Emily with their lemonade stand.

Here's Papa and Charlie spending some time together. Papa does love all his grand kids.


Memzy said...

You shoulda warned me at the beginning to get out the kleenex!! Geez. Now my visions all blurry.

1. I'll have dad's gold medal ready for Thanksgiving.
2. I bet we made TONS of money off that lemonade stand. I mean, who can pass up those cute kids?
3. Char is roood. ::snicker::

Carol said...

It's all good, the video, the VW van memories, Charlie's honesty. I could have posted his other comments, like: "Gramma, the yeaves are first green, and then they change yots of odder coyyors and then they fall off the tree. When they fall off the tree, you can do anything you want with them. Mom says". Or; "Gramma, we have yots of nice talks in the car". "Yes we do Charlie". "Do you know why Gramma"? "No, why Charlie". "Cuz I'm a good thinker"

Landee said...

I LOVE that you still live in that house!! Hooray for Uncle Visor skipping around the house again. The human body is AMAZING.

And that van... classic.

Jones Jones said...

We had that van growing up - but ours was red ! My kids actually call them "hippie vans" and are completely impressed that we had one !! One of my few memories of it is piling what seemed like 100 kids in it to go to Wednesday Primary - those were the days. Congrats Bishop P ~ you're doing great - I've got to admit though - I've been on that Sears escaltor twice since your dive and I hold on just a little tighter now !

J-Lo said...

Faster than a speeding bullet! I love the "100 yard dash" and the wave at the end is priceless. So glad to know you're up and about.

gelly said...

That was more exciting for me than Utah beating BYU! Nice job Uncle Cris! :)