Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is your minivan THIS awesome?

Charlie has been wanting to have a sleepover in the van for months. I put him off during the summer because it was too hot but the time had come. No more postponing. Jack and Charlie came over Friday night for some fun. We made up our fort in the van (remember--no middle seat section) complete with pillows, blankets, DVD player, soda and mummy dogs. It was awesome.

Mummy dogs--delish.

Eyeballs in your soda--even better.

Worms are a must.

This is little Miss Clara in a recycled mini mouse costume. She would not wear the ears.

Owen was a knight, Liesl a hula girl, Clara--mini mouse

Hello----Canadian Mounted Police (aka Nick)
Three beautiful girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A fun Halloween was had by all.

Can you stand the pig tails? Neither can I.


gelly said...

Yet again, beautiful grandchildren.
And what were you and UV for Halloween??

Jenny ESP said...

Your van is so inviting. Perfect for a cozy sleep over with mummy dogs. Love all the costumes!

Memzy said...

That van "sleepover" is going down in history. Trust me. They're still talking about it.