Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Show-N-Tell Time.

Thought I'd share my super fun weekend with my blog peeps. This is Katie--one of my cute nieces--Pete's daughter--on her wedding day. . . .
In this beautiful temple. . . . .

The spring flowers were unbelievable. . . . .
This is Pete's family. Quite a good looking group.

Katie and Shelton coming out of the temple.

Six of the Magnificent Seven. . . (not to worry, just count Jim twice). . .and our cute mom.

Me with Jim and Marlene.

Pete and Mom. Such a happy day.

Thanks so much for all the helpers that took care of Cris so I could be with my family. There's always a bittersweetness to such events. Fun to go. . .hard to leave my sweetheart. . . you know the drill.

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gelly said...

Katie is beautiful! I heard that Grandma had lots of fun with you at the Little America. Glad you could make it up there.

Loved the comment about counting Jim twice, made me lol. :D

LOVED having you and UV in on the conference call last night. It was good to talk with you, even for just a minute. Love you lots!

as a parting thought, it seems like little Graham has so much hair! He is still so adorable!