Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Show-N-Tell--Oregon style.

This post is all about my road trip to Oregon to spend Thanksgiving with Kevin and Nick and their families. It was chilly with beautiful snow flurries. I love crisp autumn days.
The snow lasted a couple of hours--just enough time to break out the cute winter outerwear.
It took almost all the front yard snow to make a small snowman.

We had soooooo much fun. This is Luke's tribute to "The Office". Ya gotta love it.

Tracey did a terrific job on all the food. Lots of people helped--but her turkey was the best.

Friday morning was the perfect time to get out the Christmas decorations. I've never seen a tree go up so fast.
Decorating the front porch.

Lots of little elves helping.
Friday: Trim the tree--roller skating--Cold Stone's ice cream--Disney's "Tangled" (loved it)--then out for Chinese food. It doesn't get better than that.

Saturday: It was all about the BYU-Utah game. Christmas crafts kept the kids busy and entertained.

Waiting for the game to start. Nerves on edge. Excitement in the air.

Let's just say they were invested in the game.

Sunday after church we had fun playing with the parachute.

It was such a great week full of family, fun and good food. Well worth the drive. I'd do it again tomorrow. (well-maybe not tomorrow--but I'd do it again.)


Mr Lonely said...

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Memzy said...

^^^^^Mom is there something you need to tell me?

Memzy said...

This was an awesome post!! Made all of your stories come true. One question tho,...who was the screaming lady in that BYU game video?

Hot Pants said...

I love a good parachute. You sold me, I'm getting one.

Hot Pants said...

And that was cutest little snowman ever. I'm making one.

Hot Pants said...

Next blog post better be about Mr Lonely.

Carol said...

OK--someone explain how that happens. I do NOT know Mr. Lonely and want him expelled from my blog. Tutorial please. (Creepy)

Carol said...

And the screaming woman is not me. Brian Hall's wife--friends. (OK, it could have been me a time or two)

Landee said...

How is Nick coping with Saturday's game?

Love this post!! Looks like some serious fun was had! I didn't realize Nick & girls were going to OR too. Sooo fun.

PS Waiting for the perfect moment to eat my toffee. I'll text you.

Jenny ESP said...

Loved the office rendition. Adorable kids.

My favorite part of Tangled was when her magical blond hair turned brown and un-magical when cut. What are they getting at? Sheesh.

Hey, It was nice to see ya via Memzy's phone on Thanksgiving! Dwight says hi. Ahem.

thelma said...

looks like a blast!!!! wierd on the mr lonely.... miss u lots!!!!!

gelly said...

Creepy is right! If needed, I can send Howard to have a "talk" with this Mr. Lonely character.

The hilarious video of Kevin, Nick, and Friend's reaction to the final seconds of the BYU game probably encompasses how every other fan was feeling. Kirk was also crushed. :o(