Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day is for everyone.

Valentine's Day is one of those tricky holidays. Good for some--not good for some--but a day of showering those you love with hugs and kisses, etc. My sweet kids were very loving and kind to me and I really appreciate it.

Gorgeous--thanks Becca and Kevin.
The smell is intoxicating. . . . . .Thanks Nick

Isn't that the cutest necklace? Picture doesn't do it justice. . . Love it Memzy
On another topic--how many people and how long does it take to put up two simple window treatments? 2--hours--3 people-- (Me, Becca and Clara) Clara organized all the screws and molly bolts.

"Don't worry Gramma--you can do it". Really--that's what she said.

Done and done.


Landee said...

You look tough with that power drill there. No pictures of the finished project?

And you have wonderful kids. Happy Valentine's Day!

Memzy said...

Glad you had some good stuff yesterday. And we have failed to mention thus far how Clara now lives in a princess room that is in my old house!! Hollah!! Now if only we could get Becca to blog.....

Jenny ESP said...

The flowers are gorgeous, and letter necklaces are the best. Now, what do those window treatments look like?

Linda said...

and you dear lady are the QUEEN of hearts. Marc just recieved the sweetest message on his phone (you thought it was mine) and it brought tears to his eyes. The idea that someone is enjoying his lessons is a dream for him. We love having you in our lives. You are an influence for good and great-you are mightily love by the 5th ward.

Carol said...

Landee--True--I have wonderful kids
Memzy--YeeeES--we must convince Becca to blog.
Jespy--Window threatment don't warrant a picture--just levelors and a woven shade. NDB
Linda--Thanks for your sweet words. Right back at-cha