Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anniverary Week: Part II

Notice anything different above? NEW FAMILY PICTURE!! Thanks to Memzy and her magnificent photog skills. It was tough to decide between that picture and this one.
What's your vote? Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Totally applies in this situation. They are divided thusly: we've got the older kids (3)--the middle kids (4) the quads (4) all born in the same year, and the toddlers (2).
A big shout out to Shed for sharing his house for the big anniversary party. He pretty much always looks like that.

Tracey and Lori came early to help Memzy add the finishing touches to the event.

Kevin and Becca enjoying the festivities. Jason was always behind the camera so sorry for no pictures of him.

We enjoyed seeing old friends (who are still young)--the Andersens. Love them.

The kids had our wedding photo put on beautiful canvas. We love it!!!
As you can see, it was a hoppin' party with beautiful decorations courtesy of Memzy. It was really beautiful, fun and very touching.

Beautiful center pieces.

The food was great. Fruit and chocolate fondue dessert bar.

Italian food from Sorella's---it was so good.
Salad and garlic cheese bread.

Becca made this beautiful anniversary cake. It was her "good cake" recipe which is famous and deliciously moist. It was awesome. BTW--40th anniversary is "ruby".

Fun with the Urmston's
Nick and sweet Tasha--born 9 years ago on our anniversary.
A few of Papa's girls. Tasha and Christine.

Nick set up a slushy machine. A very big hit.

Thank you Nick, Kevin, Emily, Rebecca and spouses for a beautiful, joyful celebration of our 40 years together. It meant so much to us and reminds us how rich and full our life is. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams. Life is good.


Landee said...

My goodness you guys know how to PAR-TAY! I soooo would have been there, but apparently my invite got lost in the mail. ::ahem::

Happy 40th Anniversary to you both! Love you!

Memzy said...

I was srsly wondering what pics you were gonna choose to post. I'll select different ones for my post coming.........uh..........tomorrow I think. Yeah.

It was a partay to remember!

gelly said...

Wow! Talk about a celebration!
I choose the funny-face family picture, and I think Memzy should be awarded the best expression award.
Love you both!

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like it was a LOVELY party!

Larkin Legacy said...

Carol: Loved reading your last 2 posts about your anniversary. Congratulations. Goes by fast, huh?
Love seeing our shared grandkids and all your other family. Feel free to read my blog, too. Best wishes to you and Cris. Maryann

Jenny ESP said...

Awesomest party ever!!! Except for my own parents' 40th wedding anniversary party. LOVE the new family pic!

Hot Pants said...

Man, I love a good party! It looks like Shed and your hubby have a real close relationship. What with him putting his tongue in UV ear and all.