Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Anniversary Week: Part I

Kevin and his family arrived to spend a week with us and have some fun. There was ice cream, baseball, swimming, movies, Dewars ice cream, and much more. This is Luke--10 going on 15.
Liesl was sooooooo glad to have some girls cousins in town. Christine and Rachel.
The Rickster--does it get any better than this?

The toddlers checkin' each other out. Ricky thought she was fun--Clara didn't want to have much to do with him.

Owen and Seth had so much fun together.

Nick and his family arrived on Friday and we celebrated Natasha's 9th birthday with a big party on Saturday. Aunt Becca made a beautiful cake.

The games were fierce and fun.

The goal: Build a free standing balloon tower. Tallest wins.

Team #1

Team #2
There was no clear winner as both teams cheated.

Swimming with the cousins.

Ricky could not believe there was a real fire truck he could ride.

Charchar and the brudder.

Hangin' out in the back yard.

Our 40th Anniversary was on Saturday. This was just the beginning. More to come. . . . .


Memzy said...

I'm working on getting those pics uploaded and over to you. They're coming!

gelly said...

Looks like fun so far! Must have been great to get everyone together!

Larkin Legacy said...

Carol: Love reading your blog. Let's me see pix and videos of our shared grandchildren. Read mine, anytime. Enjoy your family. Love it! Maryann

Jenny ESP said...

The fun started early! Handsome family you got there. Can't wait for the pics from the big party.