Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A tribute to Shed and Memzy

I present to you (drum roll please) THE MAN OF THE HOUR!!! He may look a bit nerdy, goofy, silly, etc. But he has a heart of gold. I was struck with the stomach flu Sunday night at precisely 8:30 P.M. I am usually a very strong woman with a can-do attitude but when it comes to vomiting--I am a wimp/looser/reject. I simply hate it. I'm sure you all feel the same way.

At any rate, we needed help both in the form of Fenergen (anti nausea meds) and taking care of Cris. Memzy and Shed came to our rescue presto pronto. (Let it be known that Becca, Owen and Liesl were all experiencing the same thing having started only hours before. Yah, we spent part of Saturday together and probably all got it from the same source.)

Shed took care of Cris (this includes every possible activity you can think of) Sunday night and again on Monday night. He had no idea he was signing up for this kind of duty when he married Memzy. We just wanted to say THANK YOU. We think you're pretty terrific.

He took care of this guy.

Memzy brought Gatorade, lunch for Cris and much needed support. Love you both.


Shed said...

That guy sounds like a rock star. I'll bet he has big muscles.

You are the #1 in-laws in the world according to Men's Journal, so, I think I'm still the lucky one.

Memzy said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you gize are the reason Shed married me in the first place.

Sooooo glad you are feeling better!!!

gelly said...

Memzy knows how to pick 'em. Family is great, eh?
Is UV wearing a Boston Red Sox hat in that picture? Go Boston!!

Larkin Legacy said...

Glad everyone is feeing better. Sounds like the nastiest of bugs. We have spoken to Jay and Becca. We shared Liesl's virus...no pink eye, but a bad cold. I just started yesterday. I'll take it over that stomach flu any day! Hope Cris is okay. You raised GREAT kids and we love you for it! Thoughts and prayers going your way.

Landee said...

Oh I'm pretty sure he knew what he was getting into and he lucked out big time!

I love tributes to Shed & Memzy btw. They're my favorite kind of tributes.

Jenny ESP said...

Awwww! Shed and Memzy to the rescue! I can't decide who is the luckiest tho.