Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Times. Great Times.

Last weekend was super fun, what with Kevin and his family visiting, cousins playing and great together-time. Case in point. . . . . these boys picked tons of grapefruit from my tree. What's fun about that? 1. climbing the tree 2. throwing the grapefruit down 3. climbing the tree 4. collecting and counting 5. climbing the tree 6. washing, polishing, making a mess and having fun. THAT' what's fun about that!

We made a visit to the cemetery. First time they had seen Cris' headstone. They loved it.
And then there was some work to be done--Kevin fancies himself as "the baby whisperer" and it only took a few minutes to win over this baby. They are now BFF's/

Gratuitous picture of my Gramma skills. This is how you keep a hungry/tired baby happy til mommy gets back. Round and round the block. Works like a charm.
Great times--great times.

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Memzy said...

Tho not even close to being a "baby whisperer@ you've gotta admire his effort. He's got tenacity.