Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is a good thing--filled with fun.

Many, many fun things happened last week--so get your scrolling fingers ready.

First, I flew to Phoenix and visited with Amy and Marci (and was reminded how much we all miss them).

Then spent some quality time with Cris' cousins-Kent and Kristine. They are awesome people.

Then my BFF Becky and I had two days of rip roaring laughter, crying and shopping. It was AWESOME. So good to see some of her kids. It reminded me once again, how lucky I am to have her as my bestest friend.

Then I drove up to Sedona--beautiful place--reminds me of Zions, southern Utah--stuff like that only more fun with fun people. The Waites and the Esplins were kind enough to invite me along for some of their frolicking. With permission, I present Homers bum crack. Yes, folks, it's always there cuz he's just that kind of kid. Skinny and cute and can't hold his pants up. and yup--that's Memzy ( have camera will travel) and Jespy trying to keep their chillins alive. ( I'm sure their posts will be filled with more adventures

This is called "Slide Rock". Naturally smooth rocks in the river where people love to slide in the FREEZING water. They call if fun but it looked painful to me.

Here's the Bigs and the Middles.

And here's one of the Littles. (Please refer to the above picture of the other Little with his bum hanging out). Note: the socks were a good idea-less slipping.

That evening we went on a 2 hour "Pink Jeep Tour" of the area. I kid you not!!! Laughing and screaming and holding on for dear life. It was more fun than any ride at Disneyland.

Next day--Out of Africa wildlife preserve. It was really great. Lions, tigers, bears, giraffe's zebras, snakes hyena's. They had it all and the kids loved it.

Charlie LOVED everything.

Cousin Cody drove up and spent the day with us. It was so good to see him and get caught up. (Note my new Sedona Visor--and BTW--the wind made my hair look like that but because I had the visor on--all was good).

Memzy at the wheel.

Our hotel/cottagey place overlooked Sedona. Beautiful country.

While I was in AZ--these cuties were frolicking at their grandparents in Orange. They had so much fun.

Can they get any cuter? I think not.

Egg hunt in the back yard.

Mr. Trouble cleaning up his own messes. And YES, he's been walking for one week. (Shedding tears).

This egg hunt happened in Vegas. Fun for the cousins.

The Oregon cousins had a HUGE neighborhood egg hunt which I heard was terrific and Ricky scored big--sorry--no pictures.

Hope your week was as good as mine.


Hot Pants said...

My week was not nearly as fun. In fact, the funnest part was reading your blog. BTW, Howie spotted Homer's crack before I even read about it. He's got an eye for that sort of thing.

Br Boys said...

Come back!!! The visit was way too short!!

Landee said...

Looks like you had quite the trip!! So much fun & fun people to see. I will take a pink jeep ride before I die. I WILL!! Preferably with a visor on.

Memzy said...

I'm trying to narrow down the 3,478 pics I have of this vacay. It's daunting I tell you. But I will prevail!!

So glad you could join us!

Carol said...

Two words: VISOR'S RULE

Mettananda said...

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