Friday, May 6, 2011

Grahammy Bear is ONE.....Mercy

Our little Grahammy Bear turned one on Monday and it was a happy/sad day for everyone. There's something monumental about that first birthday. The official end of the "newborn--infant" stage and the beginning of the toddler stage. Case in point---this picture of a true dude packing a water bottle instead of a sippy. Do not mess with this toddler. You will not win. He has a way of winning your heart and making you do anything to make him happy. . . . .and he's walking everywhere----fast.

His very own birthday cake with free reign on how to eat it.

Balls of all shapes and sizes was on his wish list. He's obsessed with balls.

BTW--he loves his mommy and objects if she leaves the room without him.

Happy Birthday big boy. We love you.


romanya vizesi said...

happy birtday baby

gelly said...

Looking back at younger pictures of Grahammy Bear, I can see how much he has grown into looking more like a toddler. Happy Birthday to him!

hapi said...

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